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I deleted myself
As always your flicks blow me away. Well link up eventually Im sure.
We already have friends in common i see


Aug 28, 2010
Thank you

Your photos are fuckin' DOPE. I took photo in high skool and I've always had a soft spot for photography. What camera do you use?
Thanks man, I appreciate that. All these were made on a pretty cheap Canon ae-1. If you ever feel like getting back into it, holler at me. I can try and help you out as best I can.

As always your flicks blow me away. Well link up eventually Im sure.
We already have friends in common i see
Thanks! I hope we do! Cheers and thanks for that recent email! A pleasant surprise.

Very good work! Is that kid still with us?! Good lord...
Thank you. Yea he is, haha.

Erinn Oface

Feb 28, 2017
These are incredible! Love them. Gives me a really intense butterfly feeling in my heart they definitely have an intense soul


I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Feb 21, 2016
Benson, United States
It does seem to take great pics for the price. Just checked Amazon since I'm looking for a decent camera. Although some of the newer reviews have said about leaking problems?

Have you ever had any issues with this or any other issues?


Apr 23, 2017
ft. lauderdale, florida
I was blown away by the beauty of your blog- real, honest writing and photography. The photos were so meaningful and skillfully taken that I found mysef lingering on each one. What a gift of expression you have.
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One of many images in the blog.

Follow the link to my website for my latest photo blog. It's a series of film photos made on Kodak Gold 200 while riding the Moffat route from Denver to SLC.

Mixed in are photos I made in Chicago, and Moab.

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