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Oct 24, 2014
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This is a post to help anyone who is homeless/houseless make their current living situations better; wether they are trying to get back on their feet and settle down, need a helping hand or just to get general information or read posts of people who have been in the same situation. I will provide various subreddits (reddit.com); for anyone who has not used reddit before, it is a website where anyone can create groups (aka a 'sub-reddit') around any subject they like and discuss that topic. Seeing as it is the most popular/used forum on the internet most of you will have probably heard of it.

These are subreddits i actively use to help combat the struggles on the road whether stationary or drifting. These will not be in any particular order mainly due to me not knowing how to properly structure a post so i will provide general descriptions of said subreddits.

Some of these maybe alittle more geared towards getting back on your feet and settling down, though i will provide other subreddits for people who aren't.

I want to just add a small caveat here and say, these resources and real life posts are some of the most down to earth honest content you can come across, some of these people aren't even aware that "train-hopping", "rubber tramping" or even "drifters" are a thing. so bare in mind these aren't catered to specifically the "dirty kid" archetype. However anyone here will be able to find immense value in these resources. Please be respectful and try not to take advantage of the nice people that are willing to help. A majority of these subreddits may have some requirements before posting in them, this is to deter anything fraudulent. For example one subreddit may have a "post count" or a "karma requirement" which all boils down to how often you used the site. Nevertheless reading posts will always be free, which is where youll find all the information your looking for anyways.

  • Reddit.com/r/homeless - "a home for the homeless" This is a subreddit generally used for most people who are "homeless" on reddit. Posts here consist of people's stories of how they have recently became homeless in X location, people commenting on the topic usually give some advice or helpful tips that know the area they are in. If you are looking for a sense of community feel free to post here and people will chime in. You can find all kinds of general information here. If your stuck in X city, make a post and maybe people close by can shed some light and provide helpful resources.

  • Reddit.com/r/vagabond - This subreddit is the end all, be all for anyone who is traveling, homeless or houseless. If you backpack, hitchhike, ride freight, urban camp, or are just a drifter i would recommend joining this subreddit. this isn't' JUST USA EXCLUSIVE. This is a subreddit for all parts of the world. Here you will find just about anything, looking for crews to travel, ride board and meetup, how to make money, what to do once you've arrived in X city, gear suggestions and reviews, van/bus pictures, train photos. If you take a trip half way across the world you can make a post here and someone will reply with similar intentions. It maybe more geared towards US traveling but this is a great resources for tips tricks and community very much like Squat the Planet.

  • Reddit.com/r/vandwellers - If you rubbertramp in any form (car,van,bus,motorcycle) i would definitely recommend you come here. Your gonna find tips, tricks, mods, hacks anything related to traveling by wheels. You'll find all archetypes of personality here so don't get too triggered when you come across the occasional instagram kid. I personally don't like to travel by vehicle but im still subscribed for a sense of community on my reddit homepage.

    Similar sub-reddits include:
  • Reddit.com/r/Rideshare - Just like craiglist, and just like StP's road dogs and meetup forum. Come here if you are trying to get somewhere or offering a ride.

  • Reddit.com/r/Food_Pantry - This is geared more towards those who are trying to settle and get back on your feet. People here will either offer or request groceries, pet food, food delivery and anything food assistance related. Just want to remind everyone these are real people spending there real hard earned money to help out someone in need so don't take advantage of a subreddit like this... some of us out here would be blessed to receive a donation when trying to get back on our feet.

  • Reddit.com/r/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza - pizza delivery from folks on reddit! People here will either offer or request pizza here... Stuck in the middle of no where in the rain for a few days? Post here and get a pizza. Pizza's are tracked per request and per donation so you wont get far trying to scam people here... i would recommend anyone who uses this if your housed up and working dish out a pizza or two. Because they keep track of it and you dont want people to think your just on here scramming pizza... I am personally gonna dish out a few pizzas before i head out this time not because i need the internet points but because i want to help people i need because i know in a few months ill be hungry for a slice myself.

  • Reddit.com/r/Care - This is a sub if you need some help... any help... need your puppy's parvo shot? Post here. Need a meal cause your hungry and its raining out so you can't white box? Post here. Alot of nice people here requesting/giving to people in need. Not to be taken advatange of. Peoples grocery's get paid for regularly. Like many other giving subreddits it may be blown up with requests. But if you provide a good backstory and maybe pictures people would be willing to help you out more. I've never used this sub and i wouldn't unless i absolutely need to but i figured it would be ok to post the sub here.

  • Reddit.com/r/RandomKindness - Yet another request/giving sub you can checkout if you are in need. donations/requests are tracked like most so no need to try to scam. i have not used this sub but if i needed to i would. sometimes your phone is dead and you took the wrong junker and end up in the wrong place. if you need a phone charger etc, post here. People are nice and willing to give to a genuine person.

  • Reddit.com/r/Survival - Its no surprise to anyone that this sub is on my list. This is all about wilderness survival, bushcraft, foraging, and anything related to living on your own and off the grid. Not going to go into too much detail here but if you are a homesteader, trying to build a commune, working on a farm, or just want to plant a few crops in your house you just rented, come here. The opportunities here are endless.

  • Reddit.com/r/Frugal - All about living cheap! Here your going to find just about any kind of topic about saving money and having less for more. cheap DIY home mods, cheap meals etc.

  • Reddit.com/r/EatCheapAndHealthy - You can't get any better then this if your broke and hungry. You'll see some of the best looking meals prepared here for absolutely cheap. if your housed up or trying to get back on your feet, use this reddit. Doesnt matter if your a broke college kid, dirty kid, someone housed up or trying to settle down. gourmet recipes and tips and tricks for the least amount of money possible.

  • Reddit.com/r/DumpsterDiving - This is more or less a subreddit for dumpster finds then anything else. if your bored hangout here and check out all the gnarly gear people successfully dumpster. You'll have to search a lot more in depth for tips and tricks but they are there.

  • Reddit.com/r/Volunteer - All about volunteering. Want to just be a generous person? volunteer. Need a good resume padding? you guessed it. Volunteer. Want to network and meet genuine people for other opportunity? Volunteer. If your traveling through somewhere and staying a bit post here or search for your area. you never know what you can come across meeting new people and volunteering. What else are you gonna be doing when your not downing that 40 on your friends porch?

  • Reddit.com/r/Shoestring - this travel sub is more geared towards general traveling, things like cheap deals, whether it's bus or airplane tickets, cheap hostels etc.

  • Reddit.com/r/onebag - this sub is all about minimalist backpacking, lightweight gear reviews, stories of personal experiences etc.
If anyone has a subreddit suggestion to add please reply to this thread.
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