urban exploration

  1. Urchinn

    Best spots for a van dweller in NYC?

    I’ve been wanting to explore New York City for so so long, but am at a complete loss as to where to start. I normally have a knack for finding decent camp spots but that’s not the case here. I have to keep so on-the-move in NYC just to find a place where I’m allowed to be. It’s taking up most of...
  2. BushRat

    Any other Sydney UrbanX Explorers and climbers?

    Mid twenties Sydney lass keen for some queer friendly UrbanX / draining mates. Can occasionally host a tent dweller in the inner west, (the housemates ask that they can see the persons facebook profile before saying yes, often they are too busy to have extra ppl- still it's worth asking), or...
  3. MetalBryan

    My Alice...

    The reason I am posting this is sort of self-reflective but maybe some of you will find a useful peice of information. I am finally staring down an eviction I always knew was inevitable. I don't know where I'll go, necessarily, but I know it will likely be around the new year - in winter as a...
  4. No god, No master

    No god, No master

    One of my favorite !! Was located in Ronse , belgium. On a abandoned old nursing school. But sadly they demolished it some years ago
  5. Matt Derrick

    Urban Exploration

    Wiki Page 
    Welcome to StP's resources page on Urban Exploration! This page holds a collection of resources designed to aid you in your exploration of abandoned places. All information found here has been contributed by members of the website, and you can add your own information by clicking the edit button...
  6. VikingAdventurer

    StP Cribz!

    Here's a little something that @sofarfromhome & I made today. It's a video tour in the style of "mtv cribs" of the squat we've been living in for the past few months. Enjoy!
  7. EtherealLifeForms


    Hey Everyone Im Ethereal aka Jazzy. I am from Wa originally but currently in Ar. I am headed West to Slab City asap with my gee-tar, bike, kayak, hammock & most of my sanity. I suck at intros so check out my profile if youre insatiably curious :p. I am new to StP but not entirely new...