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urban exploration

  1. Matt Derrick

    the train hopping and urban exploration sections are currently open to anyone logged into their account

    Previously we've been requiring a user to have 10 posts and a filled out profile to access the train hopping and urban exploration sections, but there's something broken in the database that is preventing the upgrade of users from one user group (registered) to the user group that has access to...
  2. VikingAdventurer

    Bando Hotel in NC

    So, I found this abandoned hotel a few weeks ago near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Last night, my buddy and I went to go explore it; here's the photos I got!
  3. Matt Derrick

    Active Project Urban exploration and Train hopping sections temporarily open to all with no requirements

    Hey folks, it's been pointed out to me that there's a bug in the message board software that is causing users who qualify for reading the train hopping and urban exploration sections of the website (10+ posts and a completed profile) are still not able to view those sections. I'm a bit busy with...
  4. Svintah5635

    Abandoned monastery with a church

    My mate, Extimus, and I went on a little adventure. Friday night we got the train and then biked to this location. The first place we went into was the church. We found stairs leading us to a small room with lots of folders and a room where the heating was located. After setting up our...
  5. coyote mogollon

    McFallons Underworld and underground cities of Paris, Odessa

    This book is now on my top 10. There’s evidently a gang of urban spelunkers who are exploring a vast network, almost a negative floor plan, of several urban areas, tho he focuses on Paris. I find the similarity with scouting teams, ingresses, etc we of Homes Not Jails did back n the day. Anyone...
  6. NightWalk

    Catacombe de Paris

    Yeah! There are quite a few good spots in France Hospitals, castles, amusement parks, Space observation centers ect ..... But if you go to the capital (Paris) there is a known spot to do is the Paris Catacombs. So be careful! The tourist catacombs should not be confused with the non-tourist...
  7. anticivdaddy161

    Ghost town in Utah, seems like a good place to explore

    https://www.abc4.com/news/digital-exclusives/this-utah-ghost-town-was-once-paradise-in-the-desert-for-native-hawaiian-settlers/?fbclid=IwAR1muFsSVGktcueX_pjf1G_sleREK3OPCqRQ2DOTMrvGQYol-qintGOh4Ws Ghost town in Utah, seems like a good place to explore I have a car and live in Salt Lake City...
  8. Schnitzel

    Things to take with you on a multi day trip

    Greetings! Me and my best friend are going on a 3 day urban exploring trip through Belgium and probably northern France too. Both of us are quite experienced and we know what we are doing but do you know anything you would recommend for such a tour? Of course, water, food, flashlight etc. is...
  9. Matt Derrick

    Video Exploring hot springs and old caves in Albania

    There's a portion of this video I thought was super interesting, apparently there are a lot of caves out in the Albanian mountains that were built as fallout shelters but never used. Looks like a prime place to squat if one was so inclined, there's even some near a beautiful hot springs...
  10. Matt Derrick

    Video Journey Through Modern-Day Ghost Town of Italy

    New shiey video up, exploring a town in Italy that was abandoned after an earthquake. Pretty cool and very old architecture in this town, and some really killer views. Can't wait to see the second part!
  11. SlabGrabber

    Let's be friends

    Hey everyone. Last spring I got hired to teach English in Tokyo, but everything locked down before I took off, so I'm stuck in the US for the time being. I'm hoping to get to Japan by the end of the summer. I just finished reading The Anarchist's Guide to Travel and it has me optimistic about...
  12. Matt Derrick

    Video Exploring an abandoned Naval Base in New Orleans!

    In this video my friend @Daisy and I explore a naval facility in New Orleans that has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We make our way through offices, storage areas, and the main parking facility, showing the current state of damage in addition to doing a few drone flybys to show...
  13. slapnuts

    urbex fiend that lives in a van sometimes here

    hey there, i'm a dude based in the north east USA, (bum fuck central NY to be exact). every few months I do some traveling with a friend, we travel a few weeks at a time while living in his conversion van and it's always a hell of a time. needless to say i've spent a couple months of my life...
  14. Justine

    URBEX in BC, especially Vancouver

    Hey, it seems to be hard to find good urbex spots in Vancouver. Would love to find someone who knows good spots on BC, but especially in or near Vancouver. I. So bored being stuck in Canada right now! need some adventure pals!
  15. Oreoman2002

    My first urban exploration trip

    A few years ago my dad and I were walking back from Main Event after a night of pool and some drinks and we passed storage units that were still being built and I floated the idea of exploring it, and to my surprise he agreed. We stop by his apartment so he can grab some proper adventuring shoes...
  16. Haxsys

    Video Reintroducing myself because I can’t post in urbex.

    Haxsys here. Trying to post some urbex stoof but I think since my account was reset it’s not allowing me in. anyways, went toshing recently and we found all sorts of goodies. Knives, silverware, money, watches, Sapphire rings, cellphones, credit cards etcetera. We’ve found all kinds of crazy...
  17. TurboArmatron

    The TAV Hollywood

    Anyone else remember the TAV? Was a fucked up fire damaged tv studio on Vine if I remember correctly, near the needle exchange. I'm talking about the 90s though. I don't know where shit is in Hollywood today. I was squatting in this house on Melrose across from the Pavilions. House got raided...
  18. bosco

    Abandoned Buildings In Galway, Ireland

    If anyone is heading up to Galway soon, there's a whole load of abandoned buildings up there for urban exploration at the moment, you have to check it out! I was up in this abandoned bar, its rotten to shit but it's absolutely gorgeous. Apparently there's also a massive hotel but I haven't...
  19. Shooterjames

    Hey folks

    Hello everyone names James I've been a long time lurker on STP and even had another profile but for the life of me can't remember my email I used I believe i only posted a few times so no loss ....So I'm back and ready to read the boards and hope to get back into the urban exploration and train...
  20. Choke

    Recent fire in the Blue Heron Paper Mill

    The Blue Heron Paper Mill in Oregon City was the dopest abandoned place I have ever been. There are many building and towers and underground tunnels all abandoned next to a big ass river. on 12/5/2020 There was a fire there burning down on of the buildings. Which was one of my favorite buildings...