1. SnavesTravels

    Intro: Hey! Looking for a wild adventure?

    Hey all! Just to introduce myself, I’m Snaves, I’ve been travelling with a small group of anarchist families since I was around 9, and now I’m significantly older then 9 I wanna set up my first solo adventure. Now someone normal might say ok let’s take it easy, why not try and hitchhike around...
  2. trippyj

    Travelogue My Experience At The Garden

    @stacysadistic asked what The Garden was really like, and figured this was a perfect time to post a story on here. (sorry if the tag didn’t work, i’m on a phone) I’ve been twice, once towards the end of winter and another time in the fall. I’ll try to keep this short but it was such an...
  3. trippyj

    Wassup fellas

    I’m Joshua but people usually call me Trippy/Jaybird. Got it at a construction job and it’s stuck ever since, and trippyj was my rap name for a while. Right now I’m in South Carolina. Did a couple years on the road in ‘20 - ‘22, hitching and sleeping wherever I could find a spot. Usually at work...
  4. made4travel

    Hey hey!

    I'm Bill, a dude from Plymouth MA. I'm planning on starting my travels this summer, and I'm lookin for anyone who has a similar departure schedule and might want to travel together. It's great to be here!
  5. Thesurfinghobo

    It’s not the size of the plane but how well it flies

    So it finally happened… Flying from LAX a few days ago. I’d been travelling in dirty clothes for a few weeks and all had that was clean was sweat shorts and a hoodie. For anyone that knows me personally, they know my struggles with the size of my penis. Going through airport security I was...
  6. The Hiker

    Wanderings and wonderings

    Hey everyone, Got some peaceful time to sit out of the rain and write, so gather around my electronic campfire if you wish. It's been 2 years and some change since I got out of the marines. Man, that was a nightmare, but I sure needed to go through it. Learned so much, mixed in with all the...
  7. peacelikeariver

    Wandering the USA

    Hi y’all I’m a 27 year old trans woman from Memphis now nomadic for about a month and traveling the US sleeping in my car. Trying to figure out what I’m doing in this life and how to make friends. I like to read, hike, and stare at the vast expanses of nature. My favorite thing to read are...
  8. Inhibition

    Traveling, Self Esteem, Social Status, and Happiness

    I was curious how traveling effects how you feel living in a capitalist society? I've been on disability for many years, for both mental illness and a very painful neurological condition. I became quite isolated and was too ill to travel for some time, but my symptoms improved enough I was able...
  9. Batsy

    Homeward Bound (Poem)

    Here’s a video of this poem being performed live And here’s the written version for those who prefer to read it: Homeward Bound By Batshit After a night of drinking, dancing, moshing and debauchery, my friends tell me “Get home safe” And every time I’m told these words, They engage...
  10. travelbytrainsagain


    Seeking my friend Bernie. Traveler. Sorry I was on a bad bender before, staying sober now! Call me!
  11. MetalBryan

    13k miles/year in North America to have reliable 70 degree weather.

    I didn't post this in "destinations" because it isn't limited to the US and didn't post in van-dwelling because not all of us have vehicles. I posted it here because I hate being too hot or cold when I sleep. Source data: Brian B's Climate Blog...