road trip

  1. DoctorZ

    My Storm Chase Vehicle

    It seems to be a popular subject on here when I post about my Storm Chasing. I made this video for the Storm Chasing Community, but maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I think it's long and boring. Link:
  2. DoctorZ

    Storm Chase Adventure!

    Since I was a kid, I've always been interested in Storm Chasing. I even tried to chase them on my bicycle! Unlike other Storm Chasers I'm more interested in "experiencing" the weather rather than just take pictures or video of it. The following is one of the best Storm Chase experiences I ever...
  3. Cornelius Vango

    Photos Photo Tour of my Bus

    Now that I've been living full-time in my bus instead of just using it as a detachable bedroom and work truck, I decided to take some pictures of my set-up.
  4. Cornelius Vango

    Video Leaving Slab City - packing up my bus and saying goodbyes

    This is the first of the videos I'll be uploading about my on-going adventure rubber-tramping poor (as fuck) from Slab City to Alaska where I have tentative plans for adventure!
  5. Cornelius Vango

    Video School Bus Descends From Over 6000 Ft - A playlist

    This is a video of my mountain drive set to a doom metal playlist. There's a little tour of the interior of my bus at the end.
  6. TheUndeadPhoenix

    Tired of city life and my plan to remedy that

    I've been living in NYC for over 5 years now, counting the time I was homeless to now. I've been getting tired of living here, but at the same time, I don't want to just leave and/or move elsewhere or become homeless again. NYC is a very convenient city and everything I could ever want is within...
  7. G

    News & Blogs Lessons from Texas

    Back in January of 2017, I got a $1,000 from a car accident. Since I was bored I decided to hit Texas for the sheer joy of it. Life was short and I wanted to have found memories before I die. Thus I began my week and a half trip with a grand in my pocket. No civilization works for free. People...