road dog

  1. elevenate

    Troubador ready to find a road dog!

    Hey there! Im a musical being that can make money pretty easily on the streets as well as having about 1k passive income a month, so let me know all of you van/rv owners that have an extra bed and want endless gas or maintenance money- I gotchu! I also want to go to South America and I am on...
  2. CreatureOftheNight

    Hullo celestial fellows & girls & beings!

    Howdy howdy! I'm creature, I'm a young & awkward son of a h*ck, I'm looking to find a road dog. I'm pretty new to traveling, I've only ever traveled on foot. I'd like to find a mellow fellow with a van or somethin to head up north with. I'm currently in Oceanside California. Let me know if you'd...
  3. Elizabeth

    Traveling Europe meet up ?

    Hey is anyone traveling around Europe? I'm currently in Berlin Germany andy.first time in Europe looking for the good hang out spots and if anyone else is traveling ad would wanna meet up ? Possible road dog for a bit?
  4. N


    yo I'm native born and raised in Miami fl first started traveling in 2013 didn't turn out so good so I stopped and went back to the wage slave life. Now I'm in school at santa fe college here in Gainesville bored outta my mind. looking to leave fl in august and ride my bike to Colorado, be cool...
  5. BummyBree

    Greetings! I need your company

    I feel like if you have no purpose, there's no point in living. I can't help but feel impatient and angered by my surroundings. We all have the common goal of being happy; I know that seeing the world and talking to new people everyday makes me happy. Nothing is holding me back from doing so...
  6. RainyDaze

    Looking Back...

    Getting ready to hit the road again. Looking back at some random footage from last year. This is only from late 2015 Oct-November. For the rest of the year I was pretty hammered in the South East. Too hammered to record anything honestly. Enjoy! (Song: Chill Bill - Rob $tone)
  7. Matt Derrick

    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    Since we're all going to the same destination, I figured it would be a good idea to put all the ride share / road dog requests for the jamboree here in this one thread for easy reference. Make sure to post where you're coming from, your mode of transportation, where you're headed afterwards...
  8. alrighthelp

    New here trying to get the fuck outta Texas

    Anyone wanna flee the Lone Star state with me?