road dog

  1. CreatureOftheNight

    7/12/18 - Meet up in Washington???

    Yo dudes! I'm gonna be heading up to Washington on june 12th! Anyone wanna meet up when i get there?? Also! Let me know if anyone has a spot i could crash at!!
  2. PinkLore


    Hey guys, Visiting some housie-friends in my hometown and I'm not sure where to go from here.... Too hot out west and down I'm thinking upper east coast? I'm open to suggestions. There is a ton of really dope volunteer programs up north, tho....just sayin... I could get there...
  3. beginnavagabond

    Looking for a road dog this summer

    Hey everyone, I will in Denver on June 5th and I will probably be leaving June 10th or later to SLC, Portland, and up to Washington, but I am flexible with where we go. I was wondering if there was someone with experience I could partner up with for a bit. I was travelling too comfortably...
  4. CreatureOftheNight

    Hullo celestial fellows & girls & beings!

    Howdy howdy! I'm creature, I'm a young & awkward son of a h*ck, I'm looking to find a road dog. I'm pretty new to traveling, I've only ever traveled on foot. I'd like to find a mellow fellow with a van or somethin to head up north with. I'm currently in Oceanside California. Let me know if you'd...
  5. thedrty


    still fairly new to hopping..but can manage...i know basics as far as slack action, knuckles, 3PC, Ect... what i mean by new is I have yet to learn how to hop on fly...but it would be cool to get some road dawgs and maybe learn how to hop on the fly.... Also semi know how to look for...
  6. loathsomeginger

    Planning to freight hop for 6-9 months out of So Cal soon, seeking road dog

    I'm planning on heading out from Southern California--Ventura to be precise--for about 6 to 9ish months to ride the rails all over the US, Canada and possibly Mexico beginning sometime in the next 2-4 weeks. I'm not a complete greenhorn by any means but far from being a trainhopping expert, i.e...
  7. RamblingRiverBear

    hitching on the east coast preferred female road dog

    If you're green it's ok. (I play shows so I hope yiou like folk punk)
  8. Elizabeth

    Traveling Europe meet up ?

    In Europe looking for some other dirty kids. right now in Germany trying to head to Spain anyone around ?
  9. bip

    Bip seeks Based Bud

    If you play music and want to travel somewhat sober let me know. I smoke hella weed but that changes sometimes I don’t drink as much Kinda winged but cmon I like most types of music. I wake up quick. in a place in my life where I miss having fun for no reason. Down to jug and rubbertramp...
  10. Elizabeth

    Traveling Europe meet up ?

    Hey is anyone traveling around Europe? I'm currently in Berlin Germany andy.first time in Europe looking for the good hang out spots and if anyone else is traveling ad would wanna meet up ? Possible road dog for a bit?
  11. Aneles

    Looking for someone near/in CT to adventure with!

    I'm 18 years old and I went from expecting to go to college last week to realizing i have no money and so I decided I can't stay home. why? Because my mom is extremely over protective. I can't go to the store across the street by myself without her permission. it's suffocating to live like that...
  12. Liras

    [Finland][Wilderness][Rewilding] Looking for a companion

    Hi, I'm on my way to Inari, Finland with a friend. We plan to stay for a few weeks in the wilderness. We plan to build a cool shelter, fish, forage and hunt what we can with a slingshot or whatever other weapon we come up with. Unfortunately he has to get back to school and will be leaving on...
  13. Enosh Alcairo

    Looking for Young (under 21) bay area folks interested in traveling

    Hey 18 year old asian dude living in sf looking for potential travel partners/ friends in the bay area. Right now im just looking for other folks to hangout with and plan an adventure with. I planning to head out in october/ November. I have one train hopping experience under my belt, went solo...
  14. N

    wanna travel?

    sup I'm planning of leaving florida august 8,9,10 wouldn't mind going west to Colorado or to Cali I got a bike, a pack and myself. if you don't mind a bike I can walk my bike. ive never traveled by bike just on foot so its new. been traveling since 2013, stopped for a few years and now ready to...
  15. N


    yo I'm native born and raised in Miami fl first started traveling in 2013 didn't turn out so good so I stopped and went back to the wage slave life. Now I'm in school at santa fe college here in Gainesville bored outta my mind. looking to leave fl in august and ride my bike to Colorado, be cool...
  16. Ponyboy kurtis

    In need of road dog, heading south from seattle

    I need someone to head south at least to Eugene from the Seattle area or even Olympia area,i like to busk and I'm trying to leave as soon as I can
  17. T

    Seeking a Musical Road Dog (CA/OR)

    Do you have busking experience? Do you have a plethora of songs that you know like the back of your hand? Can you make up song structures on the fly? Is your busking strategy consist of playing an instrument and singing? If this is you at all, then we should really be friends, and busk together...
  18. SuneeShines

    Come and hangout and fish!!!!

    Hey. I am going to be at Marina park in Bingen, WA for the next 4 months fishing You just need a Washington state fishing license and Columbia River endorsement to do the state reward progrsm on pikeminnow. You can also just come hang out and do your own thing. I'm 420 friendly and I can stand...
  19. BummyBree

    Greetings! I need your company

    I feel like if you have no purpose, there's no point in living. I can't help but feel impatient and angered by my surroundings. We all have the common goal of being happy; I know that seeing the world and talking to new people everyday makes me happy. Nothing is holding me back from doing so...