1. cherryb0mb

    Predictable introduction here!

    departing from my home state in my unreliable Ford Explorer (that I scored for FREE) finally since I was old enough to hold a map. bought a ‘75 club wagon, it turned into a paper weight poor thing. seeking destination, well not really seeking journey and big trees I guess. anyways if u see a...
  2. JaneTheTraveler98

    Leaving Chicago in about a month.

    Hey all I'm Jane, I'm in Chicago Illinois and I'm planning on doing some solo cycling/hitchhiking long term across the states for the first time. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. JaneTheTraveler98


  4. bloom

    Newbie here, planning on leaving Knoxville soon

    Hey, I have been considering leaving Knoxville and hitting the road for some time, just waiting for the right moment. If anyone's passing through or in the area planning on doing the same, I could use a travel companion!
  5. Fupe

    hi i’m new and shit, an absolute novice

    just everything you guys talk about and that lifestyle has always intrigued me but i’m absoutly terrified about stepping out to do it myself because i don’t want to be left alone. what’s the chances someone would be willing to take some newbie under their wing, and what’s the chances id want to...
  6. Valdice

    Seeking Couch Couch/Floor/Yard Hopping to Kentucky

    I'm heading to Kentucky in the next few months, and I've got a tent and everything, and noticed I'll be passing through a few major cities. I'd like to have some peace of mind, and place to rest my head when I reach some points on my journey down south and was hoping I could mark a few safe...
  7. Valdice

    Ohio To Kentucky

    I'm planning on heading to Kentucky in the next few months, I'm stockpiling gear up until I start getting disability to supplement my costs on my month/s long trips. and down south will be my first, it's going to be on foot for me, I don't know what kind of transport, or gear you have, but I'm...
  8. livefastdiekt

    decided road dog was a dick and is now alone and nervous

    Yeah he was a fucking asshole so I ditched him- leaving spartanburg sc tmrw heading for Cleveland. I literally just started this I've only ridden 3 trains, each time grainers. I've taken CSX so far. I was reading and I think I take northarn sulfak next? Safety wise I got my knifes and smiley...
  9. Mumble Rose

    dirty kid wannabe looking for advice

    hey there fuckers, im relatively new to the whole world of traveling. i got into a relationship with a dirty kid called river, who was off the road when we met. We took a little rubber tramping adventure from the Midwest to up and down the coast where I experienced life as a trimmigrant and...
  10. Apple Core

    Personal Philosophy

    Do you have a philosophy, thoughts, a meaning/purpose, or a line of reasoning that relates to traveling and your overall lifestyle? Akin to the question "why do you travel", but less direct and more general. What keeps you living the life when you're at a low point? What drives you? What's...
  11. Stalker pup

    Another wanderer

    Hey, my name is Jaunius. I'm a 19 year old freshly out of highschool, began my journey hitchhiking around Europe with the hopes of it ending somewhere in north Africa on the 1st of October. With next to no money but decent gear, it has been rather fun, though at the moment the winter is setting...
  12. adventurekid

    Thinking about buying a van

    So my original plan was to just hop trains and hitch rides, which is good and all, but I started thinking about maybe taking a van instead. So I have a few questions.. Van reccomendations? (I was thinking like either a service van or an old VW bus. I want to rip the seats out and put in a bed...
  13. bisforbeautimous

    Hey from Maine!

    Hi guys, I am new here and from Maine. I'm excited to have found this place. My whole life I've dreamt of traveling, particularly walking on trails long distances and train hopping. Seeing the world in an unconventional way, and I look forward to getting to know like minded people such as...
  14. croc

    Maybe I'm romanticizing the lifestyle and won't last... Only one way to find out

    Hey folks, I'm Lyle, 22 from the east coast of FL. I've been dreaming of getting rid of all my shit and leaving my starchly white, republican hometown for years now. So while I've been looking for someone else to travel with, I've taken to researching everything I can. Made this account a few...
  15. adventurekid

    Am I packing the right things?

    I'm planning to travel soon (train hopping mostly) and I'm trying to get things together. Can some experienced people take a look at my list and see if there's anything to add or subtract from it. Thanks! Clothes: Black pants (jeans) Jean cut offs Bandana Vest (with black hoodie) Two t...
  16. m1ssw0rld


    I am no longer traveling but I was on the road for pretty much all of 2013 after leaving my hometown of Chicago, IL. I am currently settled in Arizona but I really miss the community/people I would meet along the way. I've sadly lost touch with a lot of them and hope maybe we will cross paths...
  17. bloodonwhitefabric

    socially inept loser leaving md

    hey, i'm M. i like industrial music, anarcho-communism, and pc games. i live with my grandma, a crazy cat lady who has been my only friend since i dropped out of highschool. my life is pretty dull, so i want to leave maryland, meet cool people, go to concerts, and get some character because i am...
  18. Tank42

    In Denver for now, new to StP

    Hey there fellow travellers! I'm 32, male college graduate. I just recently left a nice apartment behind in the upper Midwest after a bad breakup and am now roughing it in Denver for the time being. I'm not tied down here, been just working allot through a day labor place. I'm saving up to...
  19. Leo Cristo

    newb to stp and switching from leather to rubber.

    ayo. I'm Leo. ive been back and forth from rubber to leather for a few years and finally got some new rubber. don't know where at I wanna continue onto ive been all over the states a bit so thinking about going back to south America or up to Canada/Alaska. I never have a solid plan but would...
  20. Connie2017

    Hello STP

    Hello all you beautiful peeps. Connie here. Actually, Conrad - but my students call me Connie. I am a South African currently teaching in Saudi. Unfortunately, I have been trapped by responsibility and kids and have to watch enviously as the rest of you squat the planet. But - I have 2 months...