homes not jails

  1. Matt Derrick

    #08 - Adventures in Squatting with Homes Not Jails

    Link: This week we'll be speaking with Wren and Stix as they recall some of their previous work opening abandoned buildings for squatters in the San Francisco bay area. The StP podcast is a weekly series discussing various topics related to underground travel and...
  2. tony longshanks

    Ted's Dead: obituary for Ted Gullicksen, Homes not Jails, San Francisco

    Ted's Dead by tony longshanks This is a belated eulogy for Ted Gullicksen, longtime director (or in his own humble words, “office manager”) of the San Francisco Tenants Union (SFTU) and co-founder of Homes not Jails, who was found dead in his bed on the morning of October 14th, 2014. I was a...
  3. tony longshanks

    Tony Longshanks says hello

    Hello fellow squatters & misfit travelers! Tony Longshanks here, currently in Portland, Oregon, soon to set forth on a journey by foot into Washington state. I believe I've been looking for a site of this general description for a while now. A friend of mine from the Slingshot (newspaper, based...