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  1. sXber

    Just a boy and his rat!

    On the road again! Started from Massachusetts and ended up in Tucson, AZ for awhile. Left w a friend of a friend and met many more friends along the way but eventually we all gotta set out alone, which has me feeling a bit uneasy. I got my rat boy companion, Liam, to keep me accountable for my...
  2. texastraveler

    easy super flammable tinder recipe

    if you ever needed easy, super flammable tinder, look no further! i used a bunch of these to get some damp wood going the other night and thought i'd share WARNING: THIS SHIT IS SUPER FLAMMABLE- DON'T FUCK AROUND WITH IT to make them you'll need water, sugar, potassium nitrate stump remover...
  3. Thor and Broomhilda

    personal ecperiences with tinder on road

    I'm looking for personal experiences with traveling and tinder. Keap it pg or at least not looking for brags, or fuck story's. Just if its worth it or horrible crazy experiences . that's it. Or other similar websites that at worth while and traveler friendly? Whats the best? What's a rip off
  4. D

    Tinder girl problems

  5. HitchTube

    Video Hitchhike to my Tinder Match

  6. kerouac

    Anyone use tinder?

    anyone here ever meet somebody through tinder? i downloaded it for fun, got a few matches but don't really know what to say to anyone. it's kinda a shallow concept i guess, liking/rejecting based on facebook photos, but i'd imagine it could be a handy tool to have when in a new town.