1. fatberg

    Question Purchasing Used Ford Transit

    Before anything else, I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting me and answering my questions as I launch my life on wheels. I’ve decided to jump on purchasing a van to upgrade from my SUV, and have found a deal online that seems trustworthy. May I ask for a second pair of eyes to look...
  2. Daflique

    Looking for people to hang out with and or make music together in brooklyn

    I’m in Williamsburg at the moment. Are you nearby? My podcast is called Echo 13. You’ll find it if you search and can get a sense of me and my sound. It’s mostly music, but there’s also some talking episodes if you scroll down a while. Thanks, peace
  3. skmohr123

    Looking to interview Hitchhikers for a Magazine in NYC

    Hi! I am working on a photo essay on The Art of Hitchhiking around the United States. As a gallery featured photographer and writer, my angle and intent is to be able to share a space of curated stories that makes freedom seem tangible. Young and old, female, male, non-binary, etc... this...
  4. MauroV

    Looking for a squat/community in Brooklyn

    Hi everyone, my name is Mauro, I'm Italian and I live in Brussels, Belgium. I'll be coming to New York next January for 6 months, I was granted with a residency in Brooklyn. I'll be there working as an artist, but still traveling to and from Europe form time to time. When I arrived in Brussels I...
  5. K

    News & Blogs Suspected Fake Weed OD's in Brooklyn 33 Suspected of Overdosing on Synthetic Marijuana in Brooklyn By ELI ROSENBERG and NATE SCHWEBERJULY 12, 2016 A no smoking sign hangs outside of a green space to warn users to stay...
  6. MolotovMocktail

    News & Blogs Hobo Chic From the Bindle Bros. of Brooklyn

    Pretty goofy. The Bindle Brothers, Josiah and Dusty, have a name that sounds like one of those banjo-plucking decidedly old-timey musical groups. With their suspenders, floppy caps and cotton work...
  7. Mankini

    Who knows Brooklyn really well?

    I'm scoping out Floyd Bennett Field for a potential long-term squat. It seems to have a significant amount of wooded area, and is not far from a bus line, which is good. FBF is not far from the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood. I'm looking at it on Google maps; but hoping someone is from NYC/Brooklyn...
  8. Haarlem Venison

    Vandwelling in Brooklyn, two questions.

    Hey y'all, Currently trying to set up shop in Brooklyn (Williamsburg/Bushwick, ideally) and am in a slight predicament, mostly owing to the summer heat. Does anyone have any experience squatting in any abandoned tunnels in Brooklyn? I've heard of the Cobble Hill Tunnel (aka the Atlantic Ave...
  9. Yell

    What are good Brooklyn neighborhoods for squatting

    I have been staying out at the wall street occupation, not really seeing any other part of new york city too see, for the past two months. The cops kicked us out and me and my affinity group have already found a few places that got compromised. any places in the city you guys know of, that is...
  10. Ali LP

    [Sep 6, 2011] Hail Seizures Brooklyn- September 6th (Brooklyn, NY)

    I'm booking a Hail Seizures show on the two abandoned rooftops next to my apartment in Brooklyn. September 6th 244 Madison St. Brooklyn NY w/ Wood Spider & Stefan Fink Still looking for some other musicians, open to suggestions. The show is 100% acoustic. Looking for old-timey/crusty/folky...
  11. Bibritt

    Squats in Brooklyn

    Anyone know anyones ?
  12. queerbones

    greetings from brooklyn!

    hey! my name's theo, i'm a transboy from nyc and i hate it so that's why i'm constantly on the move. i was living in baltimore for the shortest minute and it was the nicest, but i'm back north for the winter to (attempt to) save up money to travel in the spring and move somewhere sometime next...
  13. soymilkshakes

    Siren Music Festy! Brooklyn, 7/18

    Come one, come all, to the..largest gathering of hipsters on the East Coast! The Siren Music Festival is happening on July 18th, 12-9pm, at Coney Island. Free!