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  • Cheelin in Ashland, drinking with the awesome homebums and hanging in the woods. I did end up woodsing it for the solstice, which was beautiful. What are you up to?
    Heeeey ay ay! I was just thinkin about you. Portland's alright. I woke up this morning hung over as hell in a drizzle; it was my friend's birthday and she had this setup where you could drink as much beer as possible for an hour (which was a lie--they cut me off). But Portland's rad as fuck, I'm outty though. South through the desert to Colorado for Feral Futures or Toronto for the G20. Which is a better way to spend the solstice? At war or in the woods? Impossible. Tell me what I should do. What's up with you? Every finish writing that piece against rationality? I started a blog, too, check it out, make me feel good.

    Give Taxi a kiss for me! Oh, and that one girl, too.
    ohhh sebastapool is so pretty! yeah, i actually just signed on here to let you know i had lost mike's number so....youre impossible to reach haha. even though we live in the same city, were so far away....sighhhhhhh
    so ive been trying to get ahold of you for the past week.....are you around? lets hang out!
    Hey, great work on the NYC page! It was a fun read! Hope you don't mind my adding of some bike stuff...
    hey hey hey do u fdsfjlkjfdskfjglglkj
    it wassjfsdlkgblgklgkl so sweet fkjglgjfd lglkgbkg

    sorry im eating a vegan burrito sdsfjblkfjkjl ksdfhfhdkf85743988798dsfhbdkm
    ok sorry im just drunk in kombucha ..again
    subdivions of NYC. jewish community
    i have some kin in crown heights and boro park ... they seem to be fixated with black attire and they're not gothic! :)
    Eh, East Hampton's alright I suppose if you've never seen it before... but if you grew up there? It's just something you grow accoustomed to. In any case, as of right now I'm out in Seattle area for another month or two. It's freezing up here, I need to head south. <3 But yeah, were are you currentily calling home? [Assuming you're not on the road].
    "Relationships & the road" - Your love interest, pardon my asking... but where exactily do they live on Long Island? I actuilly spent the first 14 years of my life out there bouncing around the city, Sag Harbor, couch hopping with friends in Hampton Bays, & behind the train tracks in the woods in East Hampton after my parents kicked me out. It's crazy how people are interconnected.
    ya'll make it down south alright? lemme know what yer up to! was nice to kick it with the both of ya.
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