SVO: Powering Your Vehicle With Straight Vegetable Oil

Book SVO: Powering Your Vehicle With Straight Vegetable Oil

Publication Date: July 1, 2008 The benefits of straight vegetable oil (SVO) as an alternate fuel for diesel engines are many. SVO is cheap, carbon-neutral, uses a waste product, and does not depend upon centralized corporate infrastructure. Forest Gregg is a designer for Frybrid, the most respected vegetable oil conversion company in the United States. He has sifted through the masses of contradictory, erroneous, and confusing information on the subject, extracting the very best information available. Chapters include: Vegetable oil sources, extraction, and refining Viscosity Chemical degradation Fuel properties Contaminants System design Engine modifications SVO is the only book available that explains exactly what is necessary to convert a diesel vehicle and how to do it properly. It gives readers the tools to sort through the different companies and online plans to find something that works well. While technical in nature, this fully illustrated book is very accessible. Each concept is introduced and described in great detail. Designed to educate new consumers, it is also a resource for current conversion owners.
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