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Book US Highway Maps

from @Bl3wbyyou 's original thread here: Bl3wbyyou said: Just spent the last few hrs converting these maps from gif to jpeg.I did it to throw on my mp3 player so i can use the maps on the fly.And being jpeg most devices use this format today.So i figured this would be helpful for anyone who doesn't wanna lug around a map book.Figured id share these and give back to the community Yer all welcome.Share it around. I take no credit for the maps i just merely converted them to a usable format and made them into a pack. Use winrar to open the archive and put it on your device or desktop. LINK BELOW Click to expand...
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Just joined this group but I'm really appreciating the resources here, ( and I've barely had time to look around yet ) between this and the railroad guide it's already paid for my membership many times over. Lol Kidding, but I am downloading these and probably others and saving for some great references. Thank You