Travelogue To The Great North


Apr 21, 2022
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The first Hop i was going to attempt after bumming around in Sacramento for 2 weeks i decided it was time to move on north. Picked up a train kid near the hopout at a gas station and he agreed to mentor me. He lead me to the big hole in the fence at the Roseville hopout and i thought things were looking on the up & up. unfortuanly the stars had not aligned for us and the creek by the hop out decided to start evaporating during the night soaking all of our gear. not even the worst part yet. we waited almost 16 hours for a train and there is a reno/dunsmir split in the tracks and we could usually call it in on the UP line but we just woke up we were soaked, high and tired and the second we saw an IM come in the main we found a well to hop in and started chilling.

The flip of a coin... did not work for us we got sent 150 miles in the wrong direction on the wrong split east bound. but it was a redeemable situation Reno is a big city friendly to vagabonds lots of cash, me and my mentor spanged about 300$ in the week we were in Reno. After getting me a new phone (mine broke) We tried to catch an IM... for 2 days and no such luck was found. it was also around this time i got deathly sick could not keep water or food down for the better part of 12 hours.

Around the 8th day in Reno and the 3rd day of trying to catch an IM my sickness cleared up and i could drink water and eat small amounts of food again. Around this time me and my mentor decided it would probably be better for us to spange a little more just to get an Amtrack ticket back to Roseville, and i shit you not within 5 minutes of us about to leave a literal fuckton of piggybacks pulled up on the main. Me and my mentor got on waited for 5 minutes... 10... 15... we finally started moving and then to our dread we got split off the train in the middle of the rail yard with the hop out 5 miles down. Mentor said to run up the train i couldn't keep up because i unpacked all my shit and had an unfurled sleeping bag in hand UP worked spotted me said "GET YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE" i heeded his warning and climbed the 7 foot fence out of the rail-yard. Unfortunately This was around the time me and my mentor started to have a falling out.

He completely ditched me and or tried to but i assume since i got spotted they did an inspection of the train and stopped it like 15 miles down the track leaving my mentor to do the walk of shame all the way back to Reno.. well he hitchhiked 10 miles but y'know karmas a bitch. Having a lamenting for him now but knowing i needed more experience in hopping to get to dunsmir i stayed with him. Although he was constantly on Kratom he had anger issues and hated other peoples input on anything which really got on my nerves. The next morning we met at the hop out and waited 6 hours till 1 in the afternoon at what point a nice IM pulled in on the main. We rode it through the beautiful snow-capped mountains with the train slowing almost to a stop at some points going up the mountains hearing nothing but the slow turning of the trains wheels.

Pulling closer to Roseville my mentor got anxiety about us getting overshot to the Stockton yard and we got off a half dozen miles from Roseville is the city of loomis. 100% best place to bum around for a little bit we chilled at a playground with PLUGS free wifi and free popcorn for the nearby Ace hardware. I spanged about 40$ so i decided to get me and my mentor burgers. remember i was still sick as fuck so the walk to the burger joint took me forever especially because it was night and cold as shit and my fever was showing. i left at 9 and got back at around 11 and this dumbass decided to sleep in the nasty ass public bathroom, and guess what the magnetic doors lock automatically at night so he was Stuck in there for the night. we were able to budge the corner of the door open to give him his food but it was not budging to open up completely. I'm a paranoid person so i was like he gets a locked room for the night so his belongings are safe, so i asked him to keep my kindle in there. We had a 2 minute verbal argument and he said "Im to tired to get it through the door"

Well he was not fucking tired enough not to get a free burger 5 minutes ago like tf? I thought nothing of it and went to sleep, and in the morning my mentor was nowhere to be found i had been ghosted. Presumably because i was being an asshole. unfortunate i thought but it was whatever at this point, i was not in the mood to trainhop to Dunsmir so i bought an Amtrack ticket with some cash i had left. Sac to dunsmir was the ticket and i barley made the train. the train ride was 5 hours or something close to that i was a little foggy cause i was sleepy. And when i go to get off at the Dunsmir stop who else do i see but MY FUCKING MENTOR, i was shook not knowing how to react and just said the single word... "Bruh". I still had his # and for contact and this motherfucker took all my bud when he bounced so i texted for him to give it back, luckily for me he obliged.

We met up in Dunsmir's downtown exchanged a couple sentences and that motherfucker smoked 50% of my bud or snatched it. Whatever somethings better than nothing and i knew i prolly was not getting any kick downs in Dunsmir. The next day was a blur of me barfing my guts out at the Dunsmir train station from my sickness peaking again. i had some moments of be not being sick as fuck and had some conversation with other people and by a miracle i got half an ounce from a traveling schoolteacher at the train stop. That got me though the night and by morning another fellow squat the plant user i will just call JPEG saw me and decided they wanted to help me out abit we shared bud exchanged stories and they helped me to the hopout that same afternoon. But the journey to k-falls and beyond is a story for another day. this is one of my first long posts on STP and i hope y'all liked it peace


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Dec 12, 2014
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unfortuanly the stars had not aligned for us and the creek by the hop out decided to start evaporating during the night soaking all of our gear. not even the worst part yet. we waited almost 16 hours for a train and there is a reno/dunsmir split in the tracks and we could usually call it in on the UP line but we just woke up we were soaked, high and tired

Wow, what a spot on description of Roseville 😂 don't feel bad about getting a Scamtrack from Roseville to Dunsmuir, many have done it. RSV is just really a pain in the ass, especially now with UP's PSR. I try to avoid it whenever possible.

I hate being sick when traveling. I've been pretty close to the god damn grave out there in the middle of winter with only a few bucks to your name and nowhere to sleep. Terrible f-ing time. Glad to hear you pulled through tho. Good story!

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