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so i actually just posted this on this site somewhere, but i cant find and thats no good cuz i want people to see this.
b4 i got deported from canada, i was turned onto a site called its a site a lot like this one, but with a different focus. theres a lot of canadian kids signed up on it, and i think its kewl to network.the more connections we make, the stronger we become to stand up to the fucking reptiles runnin this continent, and soon the world. yeah, i hope lotsa people check this out and check out the sites, theres a resource list for major canadian cities there and probably a possibility for new locations to post more resources. like sally ann, st vinnies, u know that kinda stuff. that would be kewl to have a badass resource list kinda like a crew change, but for resources and dumpsters geed places to fly or spange or whatever.
peace luv and lite
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