Hi UK guy looking to join a cadre of squatters/roving band of fellow freaks and/or musicians. (1 Viewer)


Aug 19, 2020
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Suffolk, UK.
Hey there folks,

I'm a 30 year old guy from south-east England. Since finishing grad school last year, I've spent many months twiddling my thumbs at my parents home in the countryside. Well, after reaching a state of intolerable fever-pitch boredom, and deciding that a career-based trajectory doesn't jive with my anti-authoritarianism and restlessness, I've decided to drop out from straight-society and get on my bike.

I shall be arriving in London next week, and plan to set up my tent (perhaps in one of our fine royal parks).

Also, I am interested in either assembling or joining a squatting cadre. I have never squatted before, but have ordered the squatters handbook from ASS and intend to hit up a few meetings in order to get myself orientated.

So, this leads me to a few questions:

Does anyone know of a good spot to camp incognito in London? I don't mind if its far away from central.

Anyone want to meet up/smoke a joint when I get there?

Anyone wanna get together to jam some music? I have a guitar stashed at my sisters house in London, and would love to jam out with some bodies. My influences: Jerry Garcia/GD, Country, Bluegrass, Rock n' Roll, Blues, Americana.

Anyone looking to get into squatting in the UK? (new or experienced, hit me up!)

Anyway, nice to meet y'all.

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