ATTN: Pacific Northwest drifters, travelers, tramps, hobos & trustafarians.. (1 Viewer)



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are you going to be in the Seattle area time soon?

Does your pack have a broken zipper?
Are your favorite pair of jeans getting trashed?
Does your tent have a hole in it?

I possess a industrial sewing machine!

If you need repairs, and don't mind a potentially miss matched color, i will fix ANYTHING fabric wise if you merely BUY ME A BEER.

I don't care if you buy it or steal it, but If you are in seattle and need something altered, repaired, or sealed, PM me. I will help you out for A BEER! No joke. Hit me up. I live 5 minutes from downtown Seattle, WA. Don't be a stranger. I have hosting references, and references to boot. Regardless, fuck you, gimme a beer, get yer shit fixed up.
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!


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I will be offering this service for anyone regardless of rage creed color political bias. For as long as I am in seattle. Another 18 months at the least. I have a Juki industrial sewing machine and limitless industrial fabrics. If you are passing through and wanna kick it, sew something, or help with harm reduction in the innercity seattle area hit me up :)


May 31, 2013
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Leavenworth, WA
Are you still offering this service? I've got a pack that got sucked in between my dirtbike wheel rear fender. it totally ripped up the top compartment, but other than that, chewed a few small holes in the main compartment and ripped/melted a strap or two. I was also wondering if I could alter some extra buckle straps for holding a skateboard (I was even willing to settle with duct tape, but something legit would be awesome). The work is somewhat extensive, but would save me some money if I could just pay you a case of beer or name your price. I'm just on the other side of Stevens Pass near Leavenworth just off highway 2. I've seen a few of your posts and have thought of getting in touch with you when I head over there. I was about to throw this backpack out and was starting to think my current pack is a wee bit small.


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Service is still offered man, come on over to seattle and I can do it up for you. Cash is ALWAYS nice for extensive work, or toyota 22R parts/Ford econoline parts. I would pimp the shit out of it for cheap.

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