Any other Celtic Travellers here?

Andrea Van Scoyoc

Sock Monkey Queen
May 19, 2015
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Port Richey Florida
The term "Gypsy" is usually reserved for the Romany folk (and before anyone gets offended, just in case. ..I have a dear friend who's a Romany and she's  very proud to be called a "gypsy") but I find myself using it to describe myself, except I always throw the term, "Celtic," (I'm a Celtic Viking Neanderthal...yeah, proud of it too. Weird ...most people wouldn't be proud to be a Neanderthal) in front of it.

My grandmother spent her childhood dodging family who were trying to take her back to the fold (my great grandfather left his Traveller roots to marry my great grandmother) and only knowing they were "child stealing gypsies," rather than family (thanks to my great grand) she was terrified of them.

I hope to one day, before I'm too old, to travel, as my ancestors did.

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