1. NattyKiwi

    Video Hawaii Nomad Livin

    Aloha Nomads! Im back again with another video for whoever wants to see it. This video is a montage of some of my time here so far. Da palm trees, clear ocean, cliff jumping, clear skies. and chillin at some locals spots. Its lookin like ill be staying here for another full season before...
  2. SuneeShines

    Begining My Grand Vagabond Adventure

    Hey Everyone Name is SuneeShines. I have been reading STP for a few months because travel and adventure is just really interesting to me. I don't really have any qualms with working my dead end jobs (as long as I can start in the Afternoon). I don't have a wanderlust that can only be...
  3. beginnavagabond

    Regret coming home

    I spent most of last month in Pennsylvania visiting with old friends. When I went up there I had a plan where once I finished visiting friends, I would start travelling on my own, on foot or hitching. I actually was going to try and find a partner while I was up there and I never got to it so I...
  4. Nelco

    Sos call Sacred Stone in North Dakota
  5. Daman45

    Hello, need help getting across America alive.

    Hi, I am new to alternative traveling. I want to get to California for the sheer fun of it. However, I have no clue to get there without using a car or a airplane. Both of which are going to cost more than I am able to make. I need some tips and advice on how to travel, lodge, and even get my...
  6. NattyKiwi

    Video Real Camping In Hawai'i

    ALOHA Nomads, Iv been in Hawaii Since Nov 2015 and am loving it. Iv been staying at a farm doing 20hrs of work a week for food and a room. I still like to go back to the basics tho and camp out! Nothing like it in the world. Here is a video of a camping trip in March.
  7. OperationOverlord44

    New and ready to learn all I can about this lifestyle.

    Hello everyone. I just found out about this forum recently. Two days ago to be exact. I have had a growing desire to travel for the past year and a half or so. Literally I think about it every single day. I work at a job I absolutely hate and I've been thinking... "Why continue on like this and...
  8. Dylan Christopher

    Free greyhound?

    Hi all, Was told by a squat mate there's a way to ride a greyhound for free if you modify a ticket. Can someone explain if this is true and if so how it can be done? Thanks!
  9. NattyKiwi

    Any trimming work in NorCal ?

    Hey Nomads, It feels good to be back. I was looking into getting a trimming gig this fall Anywhere in Northern California. Does anybody have any info on good farms or good areas to talk to people ? If I just went there with no leads id probably find something right ?
  10. Ashe Anne

    Video Within the Magic of Travel and Music

    I've already introduced myself once before, but I want to share with you all some new thoughts of mine. An *introduction* to my most recent plans, you may say. ;) If you happened to have read my previous introduction, then I want to quickly announce that I've bought my car! Yay! And I'm working...
  11. trickdaley

    Video Good Morning Vietnam - A Journey Out of Thailand (WITH PRICES)

    Hello my beloved Squatters, Here is a fun video detailing my journey out of Thailand after living there illegally and being forced to pay a huge fine. I've included prices of everything I purchased in the native currency. Let me know what you think ! If you dig the video, give it a thumbs up!
  12. 40oz in a rut

    Rubber Tramping in a small car

    I got a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am with a close to rebuilt motor. I want to travel from desert of southern California up the pacific northwest this summer possibly into Canada. I never lived out of my car for more than a few days at a time does anyone got tips for traveling and living in a small 4...
  13. oneeyedwendigo

    Well hullo there!

    Hey all, Similar story to a lot of you, have lurked around on and off but finally decided to join in. I'm from the Bowling Green/Nashville area currently but have traveled my while life. My family is nomadic by nature. If I had to pick a place I'm from it would probably be the Ozarks/Branson...
  14. Ashe Anne

    Dreaming to travel, preparing to live.

    Whats up? I am SO grateful that I found this amazing website. With my time here, I plan to read and participate in many forums and to hopefully talk to some lovely people who can help direct me to a path of dream-achievement. A little about my experiences: During 2014 I went on an adventure...
  15. Sadvocodo

    Im new to this

    So im new to this. Have been wanting to travel for a while. Will have the oppurtunity to soon enough. I joined this site to get info currently and eventually share my experience. Would love for some first hand advice! Okay so my name is Richard, i sometimes go by rachael (plan on dropping that...
  16. CohesionHouse

    Fort Casey, WA

    A few of our comrades went to Fort Casey yesterday. Here's a short clip of our experience on Whidbey Island.
  17. Inuyoujo

    Where should I go next?

    Hello community, Where do you think I should go next and why?
  18. J

    Hi from Revelstoke British Columbia

    Hi there just found this website randomly. I live in Revelstoke BC. I like to travel. I like trains. I like beer. New to the squat the planet community but looking to share similar interests and adventures with others! Doing a winter hop tmrw, happy travels!
  19. Tude

    News & Blogs Photos "We visited over 50 countries on 5 continents in 6 years on $8/day""

    Interesting article and information on how they did it and are still doing it - especially the Update portion which explains the "$8" a day. There seem to be several of these type of "I quit my job and have been traveling for 7 years" type of articles and pics entered into "Bored Panda" but...
  20. trickdaley

    Video Drinking Whiskey on a Mountain with Thai Locals

    An unforgettable travel experience...
  21. loathsomeginger

    How to be a "hobby hobo" without being an oogle?

    I've read a lot of comments lately about what a true hobo/vagabond is or isn't on StP and r/vagabond lately, which I completely understand. However, with that said, I think there's a way for people who hop freights, hitchhike, etc. to coexist in a way that respects one another. Personally, when...
  22. F

    The Importance of Geography in this Lifestyle.

    I recognize the presence of threads about railroad geography, the regional geography section, and other areas. This led me to consider the importance of geography in this lifestyle. The subject geography, however, covers many areas and disciplines that include cultural geography, physical...
  23. NattyKiwi

    Photos Left home in April

    So, I thought id say hey to everybody and share some info on my journey so far. Iv wanted to leave for a very long time, and always talked about living a more free life of travels, meeting people, sharing, and just experiencing life in general. Good and Bad. Everyone who knew me would pretty...
  24. Thrackh

    Greetings from the dark depths of the UK

    Easy now, My names Will, well into punk/ska punk, breakcore, jungle, tekno and stupid rave music. Pretty strong scene over here in the UK for all this business, good squat parties and raves happening frequently (somewhat different from what I hear the American 'rave scene' is like). I'm...
  25. Matt Derrick

    Why should people travel?

    Hey everyone here's another question for the community. I've writing a small section for my book about why people should travel. I'm not necessarily asking why you travel (although it's helpful if you post that too), but rather what would you tell non-travelers to convince them to travel. why...
  26. Alena

    heyyy from home base

    Get this. 2 years. 2 years it took me to find this. In this day and age, it's taken me up until now to stumble upon this rad lil networking site. Resources on resources, I've been missing all of the fun. Anyway, I'm Lena, a not so tender 20 years old. Took off after graduating high school...
  27. Inuyoujo

    Hello from East to West!

    Hello community, I go by Pluto (among other names, that's my current one) and I'm new to this world. I found this site in a search of "How to Squat". I've been traveling for a while now, but hitting Philadelphia has made me think of many alternatives to what I'm doing. I've also had a shelter...
  28. Di Cruz31

    Hi everyone!

    Hi peeps, just made an account on the site, and I am from the Clarksville, Tennessee area, if ya wanna chat hit me up on here :) hope to talk to ya :) Also I'll be needing someone to stay with, food shelter, anything would be great, I will work for travel :)
  29. Daman45

    Fl to WA

    I am planning to challenge myself and go to Washington from Florida. I was wondering if anyone got any tips for a long ass bike ride? Along with food, shelter, and money. I am all ears.
  30. Daman45

    The desire for travel

    Hi, I am new to the world of squatting. I've have no idea where to start, how to prepare, or even how to travel unconventionally. Can you guys give me an idea. Any suggestions will do.
  31. AntifoundationalistGabe

    Hello from Bellingham

    Have couch if you are traveling. Looking to get out of here soon though, can't wait to meet everyone on this site. Fuck my job, my family, my life, I am so done with capitalism. <3 Gabe