1. Matt Derrick

    Seeking Help Where should StP go from here?

    Hey folks, I just wanted to start a discussion on where we should take things going forward for the StP website and it's community. Do you want to see specific features come to the website? A change in the layout? Add or remove sections? This is a pretty open ended thread, I just want to get...
  2. RubyRiot

    Resolved suggestion for nature related material

    Hi guys, I just registered to this website just minutes after I found it. Seems like a nice place with a lot of info. I understand all this content comes from the community / is user generated? I might have a suggestion for the Featured part of the website. Maybe I am missing something but it...
  3. D

    Suggested propertions

    Let's get math-y in here. This thread is about experience and suggested methods of sleeping bag/ bed roll usage in an area and temperature. The format is as follows: Brand name, nickname of sleeping bag or bedroll with contents Any add ons that you or someone else else added Time of year Your...