1. Theslabstankgirl

    Stp sticker slapped thread

    On our way to Colorado at the Valero in Blythe, ca Let's see your stp sticker slaps
  2. 1537538503835579759185.jpg


    Squat the planet patch on my vest
  3. Matt Derrick

    Here's what the next StP patch will look like!

    Website Updates 
    @awkwardshelby has come through once again, and provided this awesome artwork that will soon become a 4 inch by 4 inch patch available on our Etsy store! If you like the artwork, check out their other stuff at! I'll make an announcement once the patches are ready for...
  4. Cornelius Vango


    Hey folks, sorry it took me a few weeks of procrasturbation to finally get this thing put together and uploaded, but it's cool now because it's here! I certainly didn't get everything, but I got plenty of great footage of great people doing awesome things together out in the real life...
  5. Cornelius Vango

    Matt Derrick Talks About The Anarchist's Guide to Travel!!

  6. Cornelius Vango

    Library Projects and Fun! (my newest video)

    This is a video I took of the end of the season. A few STP staff and members are in this!
  7. Cornelius Vango

    Interview with STP's founder, Matt Derrick!

    Here's an interview with Matt Derrick that I took almost two months ago, with some footage of the gathering. Enjoy!
  8. Coywolf

    An Ode to STP. DigiHitch 2.0

    Just wanted to ask if anyone remembers Digihitch? That site gave me multitudes of knowledge before I even knew HOW to hitchhike. (Like the idea for a re-usable sign, whoda thunk that putting saran wrap over cardboard would change my life?) The other reason for the post is to show my gratitude...
  9. Matt Derrick

    What you missed at the 2016 Jamboree

    Hey folks, for those of you that were unable to come out to this year's Dirty Scouts Jamboree, I'm writing this to briefly fill you in on what you missed and give folks a place to post their thoughts, pictures, and videos of the event. Due to time constraints, I'm compiling all the video I took...
  10. Matt Derrick

    The StP Guide to Train Hopping is finished!

    Website Updates 
    As the title says, I finally finished a first draft of the train hopping guide I originally started almost two years ago (sorry for being such a lazy asshole): keep in mind it's a first draft, and needs illustrations/images...
  11. Matt Derrick

    updates for ya'll and a wiki?

    Website Updates 
    hey everyone, i just wanted to post a little something to let you all know where things are at right now. personally, im up in washington state visiting my folks for the holidays once again. i'm hoping to not stick around more than 3-4 months while i write the StP book i've been talking about...