1. MissAnnThrope

    Ride Offered PNW Road dawgz lookin to ride??

    Im looking for a road dawg who wants to travel, camp out, & jam! I wanna go check out the Grand Canyon & some other stuff possibly around Taos, NM, but I'm really down for anything . Im looking for an easy friend with an ear to lend who wants to explore! I am currently a bit north of Seattle...
  2. jaws

    Ride Offered Houston TX to Orlando FL by Easter

    Title says it all. I drive a Envoy with a bed in the back. I am going to Orlando for a wedding. Will probably be going through New Orleans. Ride for 99.9% free, aka be a good conversationalist. Please bathe, the only drug I am friendly with is weed, shrooms are okay too, keep it natural. Dogs...
  3. Valdice

    Nomad of Ohio

    Where to begin? I'm an immature, but kind person. I have difficulty owning up to my mistakes, and I don't deal with stress as well as others. I've never been able to hold a job for more than 3 months, and my anxiety attacks make me feel like I just got done running 3 miles. I'm hoping that I...
  4. Matt Derrick

    A small experiment with the ride board...

    Hey folks, just letting you know that I'm trying something out with the ride board section of the site. Basically I've made it so there's a 'template' that automatically appears in the text box when you create a new thread in the ride board: --------------------------------------------...
  5. S

    2017 Jamboree ride board

    Doesn't seem anyone made this thread yet, i guess I'll start it. was wondering if anyone would be driving threw Atlanta or surrounding area for the jamboree.
  6. Arlen Collins

    Ride Offered Trucker and Poodle Looking for Companions

    I am offering rides As long as you are going the way my load is I can help ya I am 24 smoker Semi Driver Females I will supply some meals for you from truck stops
  7. Will Wood

    EBT runs out. What do you do? What State is the easiest to get help?

    6 months and my EBT ran out. I'm in Arizona. I'm an arthritic man. Not very hirable. Good work ethic but the body is failing. Suggestions??
  8. syrinyx

    What is the hardest/scariest thing you've faced on the road?

    What's been your worst moment or biggest mistake or most painful decision or scariest hitch or most dangerous hike? Maybe a lost lover or solid dog? Keep it road related if possible. I want to hear about when you ran into a bear on accident and nearly shit your pants, not about your babushka...
  9. GonzoLizard211

    Building a Motorcycle

    Anyone here know how hard it is to build a motorcycle? I am considering building one, because the idea of riding around the country on a motorcycle with my bag sounds awesome to me. I don't know where to start though. Any advice is appreciated.