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  1. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Staten Island's Abandoned Farm Colony?

    (This ones gonna be quick and messy but might post a better in-depth thread on this area with pics i dunno) One time a few months back one of my friends took me to this abandoned area with a lot of abandoned structures in the area. Its the Staten Island Abandoned Farm Colony. In NYC, ya take...
  2. superphoenix

    Some useful information for visiting New York City, NY

    America's largest city, population-wise, and possibly the most diverse in the world. We've had around 8 million residents for nearly the past century, with people constantly flowing in and out. Weather can be fairly cold in the winter, fairly hot and humid in the summer, rainy and windy in the...
  3. croc

    Safe-ish spots or ways to sleep in NYC

    Seen a couple other threads about this but no one seems to answer this question directly so here's another one :P Any recommended sleep spots in NYC? Been scared af to sleep there alone bc all the good, hidden spots have gotta be taken n sleeping in the parks seems sketchy.
  4. Jammy

    Paying for a Greyhound Route Stop but Going to Final Destination

    I am thinking about buying a greyhound ticket from Toronto, ON to Buffalo, NY but actually staying on the bus and riding all the way to NYC. Would I be able to get away with this? Do they check tickets at layovers? It's stopping at Rochester for 50 minutes, Syracause for 35 and Binghampton for 5...
  5. Desperado Deluxe

    video by the new yorker on millennial transients.Video 

    This video paints a pretty bleak profile on the youth of new York city who are homeless. Just came across it thought I'd post.
  6. Katthizzsohyphy

    Chili's Corporate Greed

    I posted this on my personal fb wall, but I'm not tech wise and can't figure out how to share it elsewhere. I'm pretty outraged and would love to make Chili's pay for their greed. I feel like I'm alone in this, everyone I have shared this story with seems apathetic. I don't really understand...
  7. Artiom

    see ya Tel Aviv / Hello Canada

    Hello People!!! My friend and I are traveling from tel aviv to Canada. Looking for a squat or a house project to stay for a couple of days and people to hang out with. Cities we want to visit are Winnipeg and Toronto. From there we are headed to New York. any help will be apriciated United Strong
  8. Aerophyte

    Always remember that you're a cutie

    Heyy everyone, what's good? New here from NY and the lack of snow has really been bugging me Its not even cold, what's the deal? Anyways, I'm joining this site looking to find and make new family and friends who I can eventually set out to travel and stick together with as we journey through the...