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mutual aid

  1. 4bird

    find and join a mutual aid group

    https://www.mutualaidhub.org/ might as well share this - here's a (obviously incomplete) interactive map of mutual aid groups and food networks in the U.S. , most of these have links to forms where u can receive or give help https://mutualaid.wiki/map here's a global one as well - bird
  2. ERSK

    Kentucky Disaster Relief and Mutual Aid

    Hey everyone I'd like to help out my neighbors here in Kentucky affected by the tornados Friday. I found a resource list online for anyone affected in the region and will share a link below. Is there anyone else in the area wanting to help as well? I am thinking of going down myself and have...
  3. WildVirtue

    A Traveller Mutual Aid Network Blueprint

    - Here’s a potential blueprint for a new project we were cooking up on the STP discord. Somewhere between couchsurfing, freecycle and punk-post. It would take a lot of work to build up the network and keep active, but it could work. - How it works Anyone can make a post requesting items...
  4. mono

    Library Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution by Peter Kropotkin

    @mono submitted a new resource: Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution by Kropotkin - Kropotkin argues against social darwinism and romanticized depictions of survival-of-the-fittest. Read more about this resource...
  5. NapalmBreath

    Eugene Friday Food Not Bombs

    Every Friday from 3-5ish Food Not Bombs has a free vegan meal served at either Kesey Square (if it's sunny) or under cover at the park blocks if it's raining. Anyone interested in helping cook can email [email protected] for the address. we start around noon and usually head downtown...
  6. paiche

    On being a whore and giving up dick ~ a metaphor

    On being a whore and giving up my dick sucking addiction; a metaphor (and an attempt at getting your attention). How can we thwart the authority and the corporate influence and just create a better world? There are inevitable social changes ahead. If we just move ahead in denial and confusion...