1. SusanahOfGilead

    Hey guys, Novice Traveler Here!

    I'm gonna be a train hopper when I have to be, but a driver whenever I can. I don't know where I'm going,but I know that God has something to show me, and I just pray that I'll know what it is when it's in front of me.
  2. Myatezhnik

    S’been a lawwwwng time

    Howdy. My name is not important I don’t go by trashcan or smashtray. But those are the closest words to my garbage dump of a name. Anyway. Long story short: fiancé left and I’m stuck in Augusta, GA Decided to do what I do best and get movin’. Gonna ride some freights after 8 year hiatus and...
  3. TrainingHoppers

    Education Vs. Travel?

    Alright, I need somewhere to kinda/sorta rant and don't know where to put this, so here we go. Short but Sweet: I'm living a pretty shit life right now. I don't want to sit here and talk about it for hours because than ya'll think I'm a stuck-up brat with nothing to do but rant to people who...
  4. Skidkidfox

    Hi from Alberta Canada!

    Hey folks. People call me fox, im hanging out in Calgary for a week or so then heading down to vancouver island then probably down to the states. Happened upon this website and its pretty dang cool. Im hoping to meet some friends and shit like that, maybe some people that wanna hop down to the...
  5. dabtime710

    19 yrs old and packin my bags. Best yards in California?

    Hey everybody first let me just thank you for all the information ive already been able to get ahold of just as a lurker. this and the r/vagabond community on reddit have been awesome and i love both communities, so thanks again! now let me apologize beforehand for how friggin long this post is...
  6. Matt Derrick

    The StP Guide to Train Hopping is finished!

    Website Updates 
    As the title says, I finally finished a first draft of the train hopping guide I originally started almost two years ago (sorry for being such a lazy asshole): https://squattheplanet.com/articles/the-stp-guide-to-train-hopping.2/ keep in mind it's a first draft, and needs illustrations/images...