1. Grungebabi

    Help toad bond out of jail and reunite with his dog! *** his Username is @Toadandspur Toad was helping set up for nationals in Lumpkin County area of Georgia and the cops were trying to break it up essentially and gave him bullshit misdemeanor tickets for tags, no license. If you know anything about...
  2. sydaavicious

    Flying signs across Kansas

    Hey, anyone have any tips or spots you’ve done well at before? Also, anything to see or do in Kansas I shouldn’t miss?
  3. Valdice

    Ohio To Kentucky

    I'm planning on heading to Kentucky in the next few months, I'm stockpiling gear up until I start getting disability to supplement my costs on my month/s long trips. and down south will be my first, it's going to be on foot for me, I don't know what kind of transport, or gear you have, but I'm...
  4. livefastdiekt

    decided road dog was a dick and is now alone and nervous

    Yeah he was a fucking asshole so I ditched him- leaving spartanburg sc tmrw heading for Cleveland. I literally just started this I've only ridden 3 trains, each time grainers. I've taken CSX so far. I was reading and I think I take northarn sulfak next? Safety wise I got my knifes and smiley...
  5. Valdice

    Nomad of Ohio

    Where to begin? I'm an immature, but kind person. I have difficulty owning up to my mistakes, and I don't deal with stress as well as others. I've never been able to hold a job for more than 3 months, and my anxiety attacks make me feel like I just got done running 3 miles. I'm hoping that I...
  6. Smudge

    Featured Masterpost on UTIs and Yeast Infections

    Hey folks! If you're reading this you probably know that having a vagina makes you vulnerable to some diseases and other issues that people without them don't have to deal with. I'm going to go through the two most annoying and teach you how to deal with and cure them. 1. Urinary Tract...
  7. Matt Derrick

    Announcement Rebuilt the user title ladder!

    So previously we had a system that placed a user title below your user name that was assigned based on how many posts you've made on the message board: This system has now been changed to reflect how many 'likes' you've received instead of posts you've made. I've done this to encourage people...
  8. Landan S Frost

    Seeking Ride From Denver to asheville NC, need help

    Departing from: commerce city Denver colorado Destination:asheville NC or anywhere along the way Date range: asap! Please help me towards getting home, was brought to Colorado with no way back and the worst luck! Looking to get to get to NC or anywhere along the way, any help is appreciated
  9. Walt

    Seeking Ride In Williamsburg, Kentuck off I-75

    Departing from: Williamsburg,Ky Destination: Anywhere near Columbia,SC Date range:April 7, 8 or possibly 9th About me: 51 yrs old, can pay for my trip. Need a ride at least 55 miles to Knoxville so I can get a bus. No major credit cards has me stranded. I very much need a broke down...
  10. Toadandspur

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    I recently came across matt's book, the anarchists guide.. Got it from a friend named toasty. Toasted tramp on insta. Him and i both agree that the book overwhelmingly SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FUCKING PUBLISHED BECAUSE CERTAIN SECRETS ARE LEFT TO BE DISCOVERED AND NOT TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREELY, That...
  11. IronSilence

    Help getting to Chicago

    Wife and myself are attempting to get to Chicago for better opportunity. The area we are in is full of violence and death. As well as we can not do what we need to do. The people around us do not cooperate and always leave their responsibilities to us or blame their downfalls on everything...
  12. Antonia sandoval


    Hi! I'm new here! :D I'm 31 years old looking for a studio apartment for rent in or near Largo, St. Pete F.L. Currently living in Tampa but found a job in St. Pete and need to move ASAP because my only transportation is my bicycle. Also I will like to meet people in the area!
  13. A

    New to Traveller culture, help needed.

    Hello everyone, my name is Darby, I'm from Louisville Kentucky and that's me in the pic (old picture, about 2 years). So I've been couch surfing for about 2-3 years because I've been completely broke and could bit afford my own place. I busted my ass at dead end minimum wage jobs that treated me...
  14. Roger Blu

    Craving the Nomadic Life.

    Hey everyone! I've been on STP for a while but this is the first time I post, the reason for this is because I feel i need wisdom beyond what I can percieve in my day to day and through my peers. Any advice from anyone will be very much appreciated. The thing is, for the better part of my life...
  15. adventurekid

    Thinking about buying a van

    So my original plan was to just hop trains and hitch rides, which is good and all, but I started thinking about maybe taking a van instead. So I have a few questions.. Van reccomendations? (I was thinking like either a service van or an old VW bus. I want to rip the seats out and put in a bed...
  16. findfoot

    Seeking Ride HELP: Bay Area to LA 11/18

    Hello. This Foot here. I'm flying out of LAX TODAY (to see my baby sister who is turning 2). I NEED A RIDE TODAY ASAP FROM SANTA CRUZ/BAY AREA TO LA I've got gas pitch. Trying to be responsible and find a ride but might end up hitching. NEED YOUR HELP ROAD FAM. Help me find a ride south
  17. TrainingHoppers

    Good Short-Term Jobs...

    I checked in other posts with the same information but couldn't really find what I was looking for. Are there any suggestions on short-term jobs that you can find pretty much anywhere in the U.S? I don't have much creative talent and don't have a ton of personal skills, but when it comes to...
  18. spikey ohara

    New Here: looking for a squat in mainland europe

    hey guys, im a 19 year old kid just out of school looking to grow as a person by exploring new environments and cultures before i begin college. i want to move out of Dublin as soon as possible, and am afraid to do so without a solid place to sleep in as im new to the scene. i would love to find...
  19. echoandtophat

    Seeking Ride In bristol tn trying to get to denver for my hubbys b day

    Been in bristol about a week been told wed be arrested for flying our signs (which say i love you and smile youre awesome) been trying to hitch with no luck tried the craigslist supposed to get a ride to st louis tomorrow but theyre not responding to our texts if anyway could just get us out of...
  20. adventurekid

    Someone hear me out

    Life is just at a shitty place right now. I guess I need some advice or hope or whatever. I used to be pretty smart. You know, B or C student with some A's. I play the clarinet and the piano pretty well in fact that's almost what I was gonna do for my life. Well, I realized that I'd be pretty...