1. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Where/How to squat in NYC? (+making money while disabled?)Question 

    Recently I've been struggling with finding places to live or even squat. I've been sleeping on the benches of Tompkins Square Park (LES manhattan) and I'd really like to know how I can find places in NYC to squat or where I can find experienced people here who know about this stuff. Also im...
  2. A

    Need help accessing my old account!Question Resolved 

    Ok, so basically, i wanted to know if anyone has LOST their password to an account and cant access it. That account was made in 2014ish and is very dear to me and contains memories and one of my favorite pictures from the road! I remember trying to message a moderator a few years back but im...
  3. existnchill

    Overnight Parking In California? COVID 2020

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where one could stay in California while covid 19 safety precautions are in order. Are any parks or campgrounds open in Los Angeles or anywhere is Southern California? Has anyone gone to the beach lately? I know there are many vanlifers in Cali...
  4. existnchill

    What's the best van for offroading? Needs to fit a bed

    I'm going to be selling my sedan to get a van or truck! I'm going to start with camping and make the transition into van life. Currently, I'm looking for a 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder, with automatic transmission*. Needs to be able to handle (mild) offroading in the desert. >* (Edit: These are...
  5. Tanktheposer

    Just a little introduction of myself.

    Hey, fellas and felletes! I've had this account for around a month now. I downloaded it when my friend told me about it before I was kicked out. All of you really and truly helped me out. I learned how to find under the table jobs, how to find free food and a few scamming tricks. I really am...
  6. cherryb0mb

    How do I delete my account?

    Title says it all

    New guy on the block in need of some help...

    What's up, the name's TAZALA WA MAWATH, I'm a freelance illustrator (pen-name: BLU-RUKUS), and as of September 10, was evicted from my family home of 9 years and am currently homeless in Atlantic City, NJ. I've been trying to make things work out since the month of October, but every effort I've...
  8. Grungebabi

    Help toad bond out of jail and reunite with his dog! *** his Username is @Toadandspur Toad was helping set up for nationals in Lumpkin County area of Georgia and the cops were trying to break it up essentially and gave him bullshit misdemeanor tickets for tags, no license. If you know anything about...
  9. Valdice

    Nomad of Ohio

    Where to begin? I'm an immature, but kind person. I have difficulty owning up to my mistakes, and I don't deal with stress as well as others. I've never been able to hold a job for more than 3 months, and my anxiety attacks make me feel like I just got done running 3 miles. I'm hoping that I...
  10. Smudge

    Masterpost on UTIs and Yeast InfectionsFeatured 

    Hey folks! If you're reading this you probably know that having a vagina makes you vulnerable to some diseases and other issues that people without them don't have to deal with. I'm going to go through the two most annoying and teach you how to deal with and cure them. 1. Urinary Tract...
  11. Matt Derrick

    Rebuilt the user title ladder!Website Updates 

    So previously we had a system that placed a user title below your user name that was assigned based on how many posts you've made on the message board: This system has now been changed to reflect how many 'likes' you've received instead of posts you've made. I've done this to encourage people...
  12. Toadandspur

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    I recently came across matt's book, the anarchists guide.. Got it from a friend named toasty. Toasted tramp on insta. Him and i both agree that the book overwhelmingly SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FUCKING PUBLISHED BECAUSE CERTAIN SECRETS ARE LEFT TO BE DISCOVERED AND NOT TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREELY, That...
  13. Antonia sandoval


    Hi! I'm new here! :D I'm 31 years old looking for a studio apartment for rent in or near Largo, St. Pete F.L. Currently living in Tampa but found a job in St. Pete and need to move ASAP because my only transportation is my bicycle. Also I will like to meet people in the area!
  14. A

    New to Traveller culture, help needed.

    Hello everyone, my name is Darby, I'm from Louisville Kentucky and that's me in the pic (old picture, about 2 years). So I've been couch surfing for about 2-3 years because I've been completely broke and could bit afford my own place. I busted my ass at dead end minimum wage jobs that treated me...
  15. Roger Blu

    Craving the Nomadic Life.

    Hey everyone! I've been on STP for a while but this is the first time I post, the reason for this is because I feel i need wisdom beyond what I can percieve in my day to day and through my peers. Any advice from anyone will be very much appreciated. The thing is, for the better part of my life...
  16. adventurekid

    Thinking about buying a van

    So my original plan was to just hop trains and hitch rides, which is good and all, but I started thinking about maybe taking a van instead. So I have a few questions.. Van reccomendations? (I was thinking like either a service van or an old VW bus. I want to rip the seats out and put in a bed...
  17. spikey ohara

    New Here: looking for a squat in mainland europe

    hey guys, im a 19 year old kid just out of school looking to grow as a person by exploring new environments and cultures before i begin college. i want to move out of Dublin as soon as possible, and am afraid to do so without a solid place to sleep in as im new to the scene. i would love to find...
  18. BenAxeMan

    Packing help

    Hey everyone, I made a packing list of things I want to/think I should take with me when I start train hopping and hitch hiking. I tried to think light but the more I thought the more I remembered something I temembered I should bring. I'm packing it all into a medium sized Alice pack with the...
  19. CoNiGMa


    Cordage is a good thing to have in a survival situation. Any type of wire, rope, string, twine, or line of any type will be useful, but stronger rope is better. It can be used for multiple purposes like lashing things together, building shelter, carrying and moving items, climbing, making a...
  20. CoNiGMa

    The Rule of Three

    In a survival situation, a person has 4 core things that he/she needs to survive. These are Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. When in a survival situation, remember the Rule of 3: You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water. You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a...
  21. CoNiGMa

    16+ Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches or a LighterVideo 

    Fire is essential when in a survival situation. It is used to purify and boil water, cook food, as well as other things. There are numerous ways to start a fire when out in the wilderness or in a survival situation. In the absence of lighters and matches, here is a list of various options...
  22. CoNiGMa

    Shelter building with natural materialsVideo 

    One of the main things you need to worry about when in a survival situation is shelter, especially in cold, damp climates. If you do not have a shelter such as a tent and cannot find a suitable place to use as a shelter from wild animals and the elements, you will need to make one. There are...
  23. CoNiGMa

    Cheap Food Storage Supply

    Something you need to consider if you are preparing for a SHTF scenario is food. Storing food may seem like a daunting and expensive task, but I found a list by “AZPrepper” which makes things easier for you. He basically came up with a list of $5 food items that you can purchase each week for a...
  24. CoNiGMa

    Alternative Uses for Common ItemsPhotos Video 

    One thing you need to train your mind to do for a survival situation is to improvise with the things you have available to you. Common, everyday items can be used in a survival situation to provide you with the basics needed to survive. Some examples of things you can use that most everyone may...
  25. CoNiGMa

    Animal TrackingPhotos 

    Animal Tracking: Because wild creatures usually stay in hiding after a snowstorm, look for tracks about 24 hours later. You can also find tracks in mud or wet sand along beaches, streams, and lakeshores almost any time. Tracks made by members of the dog family are among those most often...
  26. CoNiGMa

    Axe CarePhotos 

    A good tool to have with you in the wilderness when the SHTF is an axe. It is useful for cutting firewood and wood to make things like a shelter. You need to know how to keep your axe in good shape. Before using an axe, whether old or new, you should sharpen its blade. Clamp the head of the...
  27. CoNiGMa

    Distress Signals

    Distress Signals: If you're in distress in the wilderness during the day, signal with sounds (gun, whistle, tin pans) in a series of threes, each followed by a brief silence. Continue until someone responds. In areas where a sound's effect might be limited (a valley or heavily wooded area)...
  28. Will Wood

    EBT runs out. What do you do? What State is the easiest to get help?

    6 months and my EBT ran out. I'm in Arizona. I'm an arthritic man. Not very hirable. Good work ethic but the body is failing. Suggestions??
  29. BrittandKen

    new to site need help

    We are a very kind couple, love to chat and get to know people from all walks of life, currently were trying to find a way to get back home, my daughter lives in California with her dad and I haven't seen her in 2 yrs she will be 10 yrs old may 26th, we are having a very hard time figuring out...
  30. freegander

    solar panels: where to buyFeatured 

    So I'm in the market for a cheap 100W solar panel to put aboard my van. i've been looking at the Renogy kits, which are around $160 for 100W mono. then i found this cheap 100W semi-bendable panel with a 10a charge controller for $120...
  31. cyberjock

    Need a Free Movie to watch tonight?

    I know some of you might be looking for a flick to watch. If this appeals to you, there's a subreddit where users post Full movies, they either find, or upload themselves; that you can watch for free on youtube. There's classics, and contemporary films of all sorts. There's a lot of gems on...
  32. Archon Haz


    Hey people! It's Vision and Carley from the Jambo - and we need to get to Hawaii cheep. Anyone have any idea how to go about it? THe flights seem to be super expensive. We are basically up for anything.. If you know any helpful info hit me up. - Vizion,
  33. alrighthelp

    New here trying to get the fuck outta Texas

    Anyone wanna flee the Lone Star state with me?
  34. Belle Amie


    MY DEAREST FRIENDS DOG WAS STOLEN IN THE CITY OF BARCELONA PLEASE HELP VARG IS MORE THAN A COMPANION TO ME AND HIPPIE. Description: Large German Shepherd, RED bandana around neck (answers to german commands) Name: VARG Originally from: Germany
  35. MormonWanders

    Need help finding the right van

    I've lived in my 2006 corolla S on and off, but it's about time I get something more comfortable for full timing. I can't get a whole lot out of my current car since it's a rebuilt title with problems. I've been saving up and I would like to spend between 5 -10 grand on a reliable van that will...
  36. Daman45

    The desire for travel

    Hi, I am new to the world of squatting. I've have no idea where to start, how to prepare, or even how to travel unconventionally. Can you guys give me an idea. Any suggestions will do.