freight hopping

  1. AutonomousPlayground

    Video Train hopping across Romania with a Korean Kickboxer

    - Here is a link to the two videos I made about me and my friend Won riding freight trains from London to Romania, I don't think i'll be making any more videos about train hopping on my channel and would rather focus on some of the work I am doing and political subjects, but whilst the world has...
  2. MentalDisaster85

    Modern day nomad looking to jump some trains.

    I'm 34, just don't care about being responsible anymore. As far as I'm concerned I'm not too old go on crazy vacations. I have traveled many a mile of track on Union Pacific and BNSF. I've done freight riding in the snow, during winter through mountains and the mid West. I've done train trips...
  3. IMG_20191129_062148.jpg


    Memphis to Nashville 10 hrs.. Thanksgiving night
  4. skunked


    when you hop a grainer on the fly and find this in the hole...
  5. Rocky mountain fr8

    Rocky mountain fr8

    riding dirty grain near the spiral tunnels in BC
  6. vilikas55

    Greetings from Lithuania with smiles~!

    Hello! I'm from Lithuania, southernmost of the Baltic states in the center of Europe. Came here to begin my long long research about freight-hopping culture in Europe, with hopes to one day depart for such adventure myself. Always been fascinated with travelling on board of a train, and only...
  7. IzzyBizzy

    I'm new

    Im new, I got a serious hard on for train/freight hopping tho cuz of Kerouac and growing up with tracks behind my house, playing on stopped trains as a kid. I'm planning a trip to start in the next 3-9 months. Hoping to start out from a rail yard in Denver. I'm doing a lil online and phone...
  8. PrisMiQue

    Lil Kenneth Stults aka The Pest

    He was hopping from freight to freight and fell... died instantly. I met him when he was 15 and I was 16. He was living in a tent in an area known as Hobo Jungle. His mom, Sunshine, was also living in that same area. I was young and already getting into the crust hobo life but he had been living...
  9. kaptrein

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm a 19 year old Photography student from the Netherlands. My life so far has been a bit boring and I want to explore new places and am looking for new adventures. I have a great interest in nature photography and last year I stumbled upon urbex photography. This was the start of...
  10. TrainingHoppers

    What Do You Sleep in?

    So, I'm planning on Freight Hopping sooner or later, but I'm still planning shit, getting shit, making sure I'm ready to go... I got a quick question, if you don't mind me asking, for anyone who feels like answering, specifically for "dedicated train hoppers"... What do you sleep in on the...
  11. TrainingHoppers

    Youtube For Train Hopping

    Just a quick question from someone preparing/ researching to travel full-time. Via Freight Hopping, is it worth it getting a cheap GoPro and putting in the work at the local library for wherever you end up to post on Youtube or does the work outweigh the benefit of a little extra cash? I'd be...
  12. threskiornis

    Train riding in New Zealand

    Hey I just arrived in new zealand and was wondering if anyone has any info on freight movements/yards/tt/rideables/etc I'm currently in auckland and have checked out the westfield yard but havent seen much of anything promising.
  13. D

    Hard time conforming.

    I dropped out of high school at 11th grade. Left my hometown a couple months later. Been hopping freight since. That was about 5 years ago. I have worked in different states. But knowing that it was just until I hopped back out. Now I'm back in my hometown area. Im having a hard time with the...
  14. Coywolf

    Video Anyone seen these videos?! A new freight hopping sensation!

    Trevor Jacob (or the "New Brave Dave", as I like to call him) is really poppin' off on YouTube with his train videos. MF'er jumps off of a GM in the middle of nowhere to ask the engineer when the train will start rolling again....and thats just the half of it!! Check it:
  15. Cornelius Vango

    The Littlest Hobo

    Who has seen this glorious Canadian TV show from the 90s about a freight-hopping crime-fighting dog?
  16. Lynn Rogan

    New to this community & looking for someone to travel with

    Hey there, I recently got back from riding freight starting in NY and working my way through the New England area. I fell in love with Vermont & will be traveling back between July 10-15th and the people I'm traveling with are coming back in August but I want to keep traveling and eventually...
  17. J

    Hi from Revelstoke British Columbia

    Hi there just found this website randomly. I live in Revelstoke BC. I like to travel. I like trains. I like beer. New to the squat the planet community but looking to share similar interests and adventures with others! Doing a winter hop tmrw, happy travels!
  18. meadow brown


    hi i'm meadow! i' i'm 18 years old i'm new on this website. i'd really like some traveler friends! i want to hear all about your adventures and travels and journeys. what was your best experience on the road? add me on facebook!!

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