1. IMG_20180824_231624407.jpg


    Some shirt drawings I did with fabric marker close up
  2. CoNiGMa

    My Portfolio

    Check out my artwork. I make websites, draw, do 3D models, woodburning, make forum signatures, banners, jewelry, coloring, etc...
  3. PatchTwist

    Oh, Xenomorphs...

    Oh, Xenomorphs. How I love thee. Today's ink sketch for shits and giggles. Edit: Was having a hard time getting the picture aligned or sized right. Hopefully I have fixed it.
  4. PrisMiQue

    What's with me and pinups

    Guess I kinda have a thing for drawing sexy pinups. I'm not gay or anything but maybe this makes me a lil lol jk just like drawing pretty gals I guess
  5. crimmy

    Show Your Art Here!

    I love the arts. I love writing music, playing music, drawing, painting, sketching, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I wanted to make this for all of you art nerds out there to share your love. Post pictures of the shit you've drawn, painted, written, sketched, sculpted, or whatever the fuck...
  6. PrisMiQue

    Lined my way thru it

    portrait done by me - - thanks @OstrichJockey
  7. PrisMiQue

    She's hi