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May 31, 2009
Winnipeg, MB
I don't really care so much whether kids have traveler names. It's fine, mostly, I think. For me at least. What I don't like is any sort of view that one HAS to have some silly name to be taken seriously. I tag as Pilgrim Aflame these days, but will never introduce myself as that. I don't have any walls to put up. I am Quincy.


I ain't getting any younger.
Feb 13, 2011
New Jersey, United States
Yeah, my username is definately not something I go by as a name. "The outskirts" is actually this abstract concept that struck me
while reading Baca's "C-Train and Thirteen Mexicans".

I do have a nick name within a particular circle of friends, but that's where it stays, few know it, even less use it.


Feb 14, 2010
Oxford, United States
i think the worst one i ever saw, i say saw because i never met the kid just saw his tag at a hop out spot. DE-RAIL there was another one with his, but i think it was along the lines of railspike or something. ahahahahaha
Jan 28, 2008
The woods
i think the worst one i ever saw, i say saw because i never met the kid just saw his tag at a hop out spot. DE-RAIL there was another one with his, but i think it was along the lines of railspike or something. ahahahahaha
That wasn't a kid's tag. He was riding before you where a nut stain on the seat of some porta john in the TL.


Mar 13, 2011
the desert
dumb traveler dog names is its own sub genre. soo many fucking dogs out there named grainer and boxcar, etc


May 25, 2011
Not my favorite place.
I go by Stoney. Its not chosen or given, rather assumed. And it took a long time of people calling me that before I accepted it, though now I enjoy it. My grandfather and father went by the same. Its a shortened version of our last name.

My screen name "infekt" is a series of guerrilla art that really inspired me.

Deleted member 20

I deleted myself
I grew up in Boston proper myself & unsure if people elsewhere do this but when you say your from Boston there is an instant follow up question as to what part. What pisses me off when I clarify exactly what neighborhood I grew up in others assume that it is some suburb outside the city. I tend to go by my own name, I would feel like a plastic pink flamingo yard ornament covered in cheezwiz if I introduced myself by my screename. Its fine if others give you a nickname or call you something but just feel wrong about trying to nickname yourself. I have been called Sully, KO, Boston Irish, but never just Boston.
May 13, 2011
Once met a kid named fuck, which was a hassle sometimes
Another time I met kid named jerk which he got because he was really nice
the ones i can't stand are the rainbow kids, met soooo many clouds and skys
I much prefer to go by my own name, my screen name was just a bunch of words i liked to rhyme together


Feb 2, 2010
Detroit MI
i have had jungle boots for a while as a screen name on lots of different sites.... i just went by my birth name with anyone that met up with me irl... it wasnt untill i met a few friends on STP actually that people on the real started calling me jungle boots. Farmer John and his crew to be exact.

Even though i had told them several times what my real name was, whenever they refered to me to other people it was as Jungle Boots, not Jeff. And when it came to meeting the groups folks and friends they had all already heard of me as jungle boots, or i was introduced by Farmer as Jungle Boots. And it got to a point that most of these freinds i made through Farmer John and his crew knew me only as Jungle boots. I couldnt even call myself jeff, or have other people call me jeff without confusing people, or having people not know who i was in relation to john. This became very apparent at Farmer's funeral where EVERYONE knew me as jungle boots.

end story... i dont ussually tell people my real name... but instead go by Jungle Boots.
I chose the name... but it wasnt my choice to be known only by that name...

i guess im telling this story because a friend of mine recently told me my rail name was stupid
but he only said that because he had never known that jungle boots were an actual foot wear...

but #1 name that i get fucking sick of running into:

every little crusty kid and his grandmother are called patches...


May 26, 2011
The rainbow kids really are just pathetic. They name themselves something cute and say it's meaningful. A nickname is supposed to be something ironic, isnt it? Like, earlier posted, calling a sweet guy 'Jerk'.
Personally I like to make up a realistic name when I get into a new state, like 'Anna' or something, but that's only cause I don't have any friends who would remember me any damn way.
That's logic.

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