another reason not to ride greyhound (1 Viewer)


Jun 16, 2013
Hurst, United States
Took the bolt bus from eugene to portland... clean cozy cushiony seats with reading lights, clean shitter, friendly laid back driver... no issues with luggage since they let you go under to bus and load/unload your own shit. Normally they have free wife but it was down. Cost $6. Shit I wish these guys had more routes in the west.
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Rebirthing phoenix
Feb 16, 2015
Sounds like Megabus , as long as you get one of the double Deckers, it's an incredibly comfortable and fun ride.


Jan 1, 2011
Augusta GA, USA
I was otw to california via grey hound starting in Atlanta. Well, we're all on the bus in the terminal waiting to leave and this dude starts yelling about how he's ganna blow the bus up. Well, some dude reports him to the driver. and they shut everytihng down and pull the dude off. Officials show up and search all the bags in the undercarrige. Sure enough dude had a fucking bomb in a bag. Ended up screwing up the schedual that we ended up with an 18 hour layover in salt lake city. Which, wasn't that bad cause that city is cool as fuck.


May 13, 2015
Blame Canada!!! lol! &def fuck greyhound!lost my shit&the bus driver fuckt up the schedule,cuz he couldnt run a handicap lift in memphis,stranded me for a day&half in little rock&of course it was my fault,they had no part.fucking cramped ass seats make my feet swell&like any1 in there right mind wants to pay that kinda $ to sit ass2elbow with total strangers that dont kno the power of a baby wipe&im not even gonna mention the fucking vampire homebum junkies&relentless barrage of dealers awaiting you at every stop.honestly the more i think about greyhound the more i wanna cut a mofo up&chow down,but its gonna be 1 of the d-bag drivers who are always so kind&curteous! Fuck gayhound!!!

Kim Chee

I closed my account

Canada man who beheaded bus passenger granted freedom

A man with schizophrenia who beheaded a fellow bus passenger in Canada in 2008 has been granted freedom.
Will Baker, formerly known as Vince Weiguang Li, killed 22-year-old Tim McLean after hearing what he thought was "the voice of God".
He was deemed not criminally responsible and received mental health treatment.
A review board in Manitoba ordered his discharge - without monitoring - saying he did not pose a significant threat.
Mr McLean's mother, who had opposed granting Mr Baker freedom, said she had "no words" following the decision on Friday.
"I have no comment today," Carol de Delley wrote on Facebook.
'Alien attack'
The attack took place in front of horrified passengers as the inter-city Greyhound bus travelled past Portage la Prairie, about 70km (40 miles) west of Winnipeg.
Mr Baker, a former church custodian and computer programmer who emigrated from China to Canada in 2001, repeatedly stabbed Mr McLean, who was sitting next to him, before cutting off his head and removing internal organs.
The attack began without warning. Alerted by screams from the victim, the driver stopped the bus and fled with the passengers as he continued his attack.
In 2009, Mr Baker was found not criminally responsible for the killing. He then spent seven years in treatment in a secure wing of a psychiatric hospital.
In an interview with a schizophrenia society in 2012, he said he heard what he believed was "the voice of God".
"The voice told me that I was the third story of the Bible, that I was like the second coming of Jesus [and that] I was to save people from a space alien attack."
He also said he was "really sorry" for what he had done.
Mr Baker was allowed last year to live on his own apartment in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but was still subject to monitoring to ensure he took his medication.
But his doctors told Manitoba's Criminal Code Review Board that he understood that he needed to take the medication and that he would continue with his treatment if released.
"The review board is of the opinion that the weight of evidence does not substantiate that Mr Baker poses a significant threat to the safety of the public," the review board said in a written decision.


Feb 4, 2017
Wow. I remember when this happened, really bizarre. I don't know how I feel about him being released. On one hand, I sympathize with people who suffer from schizophrenia and have several friends that have it. On the other hand, none of my friends who suffer from it have ever cut someones fucking head off. I mean, given that he took someones life and that schizophrenics routinely stop taking their medication, I wouldn't trust him to be around other people. Crazy world we live in...

Hobo Mud

Nov 25, 2015
Columbia, Tennessee
I have taken grey hound busses all over the country at some point or time. Longest trip was from Elma Washington to Nashville Tennessee. Majority of my experiences were nightmarish to say the least.

The pricing of the food is outrageous, employees always seem rude most of the time, the seats on the bust are extremely unconformable, the ventilation on the bus is non existent, you have to constantly keep a close watch on your luggage or traveling bag.

i refuse to take a grey hound bus unless it is a destination that is under a 100 miles or less at this point. In my years of riding I have just about seen everything imaginable pertaining to the most violent to the most disgusting acts known to man pertaining to the grey hound system.

In all honesty I would feel safer in a open pod of convicted killers in jail than some the bus stations I have been at. The final straw for me pertaining to grey hound is the issues with the drivers not showing up for work as which leds to massive delays. We live in a different world and time. Grey hound was not that bad 15 to 20 years ago but things change. I will stick to train hopping, walking or hitch hiking. Stay safe everyone.......

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