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Guy I met in jail offered a trailer to rent in the nation's #1 city for violent crime per capita.
Nothing sketchy about this.
I'm so excited!!! My first ever down sleeping bag is in the mail, it will be here Friday night!!! Getting rid of this huge bulky 0° synthetic crap will reduce the size f my pack 50%!!! Not to mention pounds... Now if I could only gtfo!!!
Looking to travel soon in about a month any suggestions??
Crazy Hobo Johnny
Crazy Hobo Johnny
Are you still in Illinois? There's a lot going on next month here in Milwaukee, Summerfest music festival, Wisconsin's Comic Book Convention downtown Milwaukee and other festivals and Wisconsin Dells. I'll be posting these on the Event thread soon. And btw, Colorado, that's my suggestion.
NOT SO FAST on heading to Chicago. I can tell it's a rough place to start over. I applied for another job in Mpls, and see how that goes in 2 weeks. If they take their time, like I don't have my own, bye. But, I'm going to give them a chance.
You ever find your road dawg? I just had mine bail on me before we even left and I'm still going, but I'm not really looking forward to being solo again. Did it before and it just kinda sucked. I can try to meet you wherever you'd want. I'm in the middle of illinois right now. Hmu if you're interested and we can chat and get to know each other before we decide if we should meet up.✌
Got a tour comin up, lads. Come hang out if we end up in your town <3

Rotten Reputation California Bound and Gagged Tour Spring 2019
June 16th - Denver, CO @ 7th Circle Music Collective
June 17th - Laramie, WY @ The Cowboy Saloon
June 18th - SLC, UT @ The Underground
June 20th - Reno, NV @ Shea's Tavern
June 21st - Berkley, CA @ 924 Gilman St
June 23rd - Long Beach, CA @ Toxic Toast Theatre
June 24th - Las Vegas, NV @ Naked City
June 25ht - Moab, UT @ TBA
If I have to spend another cold dark night alone in Oregon, I am going to totally freak the fuck oooouuuut!!!!.........🌧 == 😱😿
sometimes that's what it takes no?
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You said it brother amen to that
It’s sign flyin time baby 🤑
Any luck? You still in salem?
I’m leaving rn
After having a hard time getting to sleep all night, I had a nightmare about my ex and her roomate attacking me in my van, when I finally did happen to fall asleep for about an hour

As she would have said “here’s your sign”.... I’m getting breakfast and driving to PDX directly to a place I know I can get a shower
Haven't posted in over a year. In Taos, not sure where I am going. Would love to find a woodshop to work in for a bit, wherever

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