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New York City, New York

Liked: Social services, lots of dive spots to the point you can live off trash, legal panhandling, decriminalized weed, easy to get around, lots of stuff to do, things are almost always open
Disliked: NOISE to the point it drives you batshit (horns, ambulances and police sirens) , dirty as fuck (when I was on the street, I would wash my hair 2 days in a row and the water would be black both times), huge tourist swarm, lots of closet republicans, lots of pigs, mostly uniform streets with no alleys, hipsters, bourgeoisie gentrification, almost all punk historical sites have been destroyed, cold dry winters and wet hot summers, nearly no green outside of parks
Good to visit, sucks to live here for an extended time. I may be really jaded because of how restless this city has made me. Living on a main road next to a hospital has really worn me down.
Good point on cops that I forgot to mention. They're everywhere here. And it's super noisy as well but is nice and quiet post-covid
Living next to a hospital is annoying, all I hear is sirens, regardless of covid. Everywhere else is nice though, I've been able to jaywalk a street I've NEVER been able to jaywalk before
Liked: Infinite activities, fast pace, good infrastructure, no need for a car ever, relatively safe, photogenic
Disliked: Loud, brusque, expensive, dirty, tourists and transplants, not always progressive
I'm very biased, having lived here for over two decades. I'm under no delusion that this place is magical, but I think there is a lot more good than bad here. New York has outgrown its reputation as the bankrupt burning city in the 70s and has become the safest big city in the U.S. The trade-off is that a lot of grit that was originally here has disappeared, but it still exists if you know where to look.

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