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London - Camden Town

General Information

Camden Town is famed for its market, a warren of fashion and curiosities by the Regent’s Canal. A haven of counter culture, the area is popular with tourists, teenagers and punks. The thriving nightlife scene includes live music in alternative clubs and old-school pubs, and major stars playing at the Jazz Cafe and the Roundhouse. Cafes bustle during the day. Nearby Regent’s Park has formal gardens and the London Zoo.

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Image source: wikipedia, Public Domain

I just copied it cause it is a good brief description. Camden was - together with Southwark - one of my favourite places in Greater London.

For a more detailed description:


Food & Shelter

Due to me being always broke when travelling I never went into a pub a restaurant there. So perhaps someone else can fill in information here.

But be assured, there are a plenty of pubs, takeaways and restaurants.

There are a lot of supermarkets as well, I used those to feed myself mostly. Near Camden Town Underground station there is a huge Sainsbury's and down Camden High Street is a cheap Lidl.

Making Money

As I was there I mostly slept in squats. There seem to be quite a few at all times. Don't know where exactly squats are now at the time of typing and locations are changing quite quickly sometimes, but if you are into squatting you will know what kind of people to ask. ;)

Otherwise I slept a couple of times at Camden Gardens. It's a small park just 3 minutes away from the Underground station. I would not recommend to sleep there alone, though. This place is often used by people taking drugs, so being a bit careful is adviseable. (Nothing against people taking substances in general, but you know what I mean.) Also, especially at day time, expect to see police there from time to time, for the same reason.

Things to see and do

Busking a good place is next to Camden Town Underground station and next to the Sainsbury's nearby. Also the Lidl at Camden High Street was a good spot for me (difference: at the Underground station you will see a lot of tourists, at the Lidl more local people). Police was quite tolerant towards me, never sent me away or whatever. You should (as everywhere in England) keep in mind that begging is illegal. Enforcement of this law seemed not to be very strong, though. At least as I was there.


Fastest obviously is the Underground. You will have to change trains, though. There is a direct bus connection between London Westminster and Camden and this is also the cheapest (if you don't hop the Underground). As I was there the bus to Camden departed from a stop at Grosvenor Gardens just across the street from Victoria station.

If you wanna pay, you need a so called Oyster Card. You can get it at the station, there is a 5 pound deposit (that will be payed back when you invalidate the card). Underground fares depend on how far you go (check in and out), bus travels are like 1.35 pound regardless how long you stay on the bus (check in only).

When it's crowded it's quite easy to hop the new doubledecker busses with the round back. They have a third door in the back. Just go in there quickly and then directly upstairs. Controls are very unlikely, especially if it's busy.


Thanks for the contribution, that's interesting to hear! I've always had this on my list of places to check out, I'm especially curious to see what the squatter culture out here is like (if there's much of it left at all).
I'm especially curious to see what the squatter culture out here is like (if there's much of it left at all).
Well, I would say the squatting community is quite active there. Perhaps not as much as in the past (as squatting residential buildings was still covered by squatting laws, now it's commercial buildings only), but I stayed in many squats in UK.

And yeah, when being in Europe, London and Bristol is always worth a journey. :)
Also squatting is thriving in Camden area but you really just have yo go off the beaten track a little further into Chalk farm, archway or even west Hampstead etc.
Fuck a million comments but also under WHERE TO EAT mate the market is a constant source. You can do one lap of the market and pick up all the huge boxes of leftover food the stupid tourists buy in XXL boxes then eat like a bite....finish that do another round and the tops of the bins are already full. My fave is the deep fried prawns all these cunts seem to leave.
the stupid tourists buy in XXL boxes then eat like a bite.
Made similar experience once as I sat near Borough Market (Southwark) on a saturday ... was about to make some money with my harmonica. Made no money for an hour but within 20 minutes I had 4 large (expensive) bags of pasties. All from (apparently) tourists who paid like 8 pounds for one or two and then ate one (or only a bite from one) and then gave me the rest. So no money, but full belly. :)

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