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Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

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General Information

Harpers Ferry is a small historic town with a population of roughly 300 people. It is situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, where the U.S. states of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia meet. Historically, it is best known for John Brown’s raid.

While Harpers Ferry is the main focus of this guide, it would be hard not to include bits and pieces of the rest of the county that it resides in. This is due the the trains that run through the parts of the county and the possible employers that exist not even ten minutes away from Harpers Ferry.

The following is what google says:
January; 22°-41° average; Precipitation 8 days
February; 22°-45° average; Precipitation 5 days
March; 29°-53° average; Precipitation 8 days
April; 39°-66° average; Precipitation 9 days
May; 49°-74° average; Precipitation 9 days
June; 58°-82° average; Precipitation 9 days
July; 62°-86° average; Precipitation 8 days
August; 61°-85° average; Precipitation 7 days
September; 54°-79° average; Precipitation 7 days
October; 43°-67° average; Precipitation 7 days
November; 32°-57° average; Precipitation 5 days
December; 25°-45° average; Precipitation 7 days

However, I must warn you. This likely doesn't take in the factor of windchill or the fact that if the sun is out shady spots tend to be at least a couple degrees cooler. Also due to the geography of the town, or state in general really, weather tends to fluctuate. By this I mean it is not uncommon for snow in April and a picnic in December.

Honestly, you find what you are looking for. Most tourists come here with something specific in mind so unless your path intertwines with theirs they don't care. Locals are pretty chill, and the majority have seen almost every type of traveler possible. Hell, most will assume you are just hiking one of the many nearby trails.

Food & Shelter

(under construction)

(under construction)

Making Money

(under construction)

Things to see and do

For this section of the guide I am going to split it into three parts: history, nature, and entertainment. History will be the museums or local landmarks. Nature will be any of the trails or spots with scenic views. Entertainment will be anything that doesn't fit in the two other categories.

(under construction)
(under construction)
(under construction)


I have decided to split this section into three parts: trail, track, and truck. Trail will have to do with the Appalachian trail. Track will have to do with the trains that run through the town. Truck will be about the roads and highway.

(under construction)
(under construction)
(under construction)


I am working on filling in the gaps. It might seem a little barren now, but when I am done it will be a sight to behold.
I’ve been to Harper’s Ferry twice: once to protest a convention of Neo-Nazis and the Klan, and again a few years later in hopes of repairing my relationship w/ my ex. Both times were unforgettable. A lot of history there and the story of John Brown’s uprising is one of my favorite in all American history
I am sorry that your visits have had to be due to such circumstances. I hope that sometime in the foreseeable future you will be able to visit for a more pleasant reason.
Restrictions are slowly being lifted, so more info is on the way.

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