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I deleted myself
Doggo got dinner last night . Little sucker came to pack for dry dog food . J took off hopped one leap bit it broke its back in two . This is when I thought possum was dead was not . So I had stopped it's misery dog just did her job . When I say kick it down she guards with furry intentions . Does anyone else have issues with their doggo Killin wild animals but will chill other street dogs ? I'm kinda upset I didn't have taco sauce for the possum but we ate it .


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Jun 14, 2016
Cincinnati ,OH
bro be gnarly as fuck till the day he dies, anyone that knows him personally should and will agree. gnarly kid! And his puppy is a fucking sweet heart, an a soldier! Just stay on the right side of both! An they'll look after you!

nomadic poetess

Nov 6, 2017
Danville Virginia
Definently would need some kinda sauce for a possum ! I'm working right now, rough morning Pop ! how are you doing today ? I feel very rested , too rested in fact, I woke up kinda late too, but I wrote a dope rhyme on the way to work .

Hazardous is giving character references :) ... lmao .. He is as chill as his name , Popsicle there . I do think J is super adorable , she stole my heart <3 and no my dog hasnt killed anything but I know she would massacre a rabbit, squirrel, bird or cat. Sadly I don't know how she would be with other domesticated dogs, She is very spoiled and weird about how she eats sometimes. She acts like people took her food from her and stuff. Sad. Now she mine , no one will ever f with her again. Or they will see the demon that dwells within me !! I hope J and you are in good health and place.

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