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Apr 13, 2014
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Vancouver, Canada
Insulting? It's insulting to you that I have "high standards" about what I recommend to people I care about? Ok, then. I'll take your advice - I won't recommend the site to the communities I'm apart of. ::meh::
You just have this condescending, holier-than-thou attitude. "World revolves around what I care about" sort of vibe.
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As far as patch designs i think itd be cool to have something along the lines of a like oldschool skate/punk/thrash/metal zine art kind of vibe, and if its i square patch maybe put some words around the border like on the back of a crass album or something so people can get an idea of what stp is about or whatever. Maybe make it a jam up of that type a thing mixed with gypsy/hobo imagery. Like a fucked up skull with like a banjo and bindle cross behind it and biting a skateboard with the old stp logo on it. Or whatever the artist decides on.

I attached an image of the kinda look im talking about.

Im just daydreaming of patch designs on my last day at work. So im just gonna shit a few out real quick.
Picture of abbie hoffman and it says "squat this planet" or like a hobo peeking out an owl hole or drinking out of a 40 or some shit or someone catching on the fly idk classic travel images of some kind and maybe incorporate the classic stp logo into it somehow.

Just some of my thoughts hope it can be helpful for something.


Matt Derrick

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Walla Walla, WA
for the patches couldn't you just take the same design from the bandanna make is smaller add/take away from the design to make it more suitable for a patch. that way it'd look similar and be a running theme matching type items. just an idea.
unfortunately the majority of the image would be squished to the point where it would be illegible, especially the mountains and many of the symbols.

I am working with @awkwardshelby who's done the jambo posters and the anarchist' guide to travel book cover. i'm not going to spoil it yet, but i think we have something in mind that will work and people will like. i'll post a sketch here once we have something to show.

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Ta ta ta..... Building treehouses, pallet houses, rocket stoves, and all sorts of wacky live of the land shit. Want a change? Feel free to check us out: Auburn WA....just south of Seattle. Can help u on ur travels too
Back online... Sorry I haven´t been active. Moving to the UK with my little family for a while.
50% of needed gas funds for OR trip obtained ✔
The Dumpster giveth...! Good skipping today, with some line struggle, though, over the freegan vs. "meegan" positions...
van dwelling in san antonio. about to get on the road to oregon or someplace by end of the month. i'm still so fucked up about my dear friend @Multifaceted passing away and need to get out of our hometown..
Confirmation that travel expenses will be covered has been APPROVED! I'M OUTTA HERE!
For years now I've been told to check out r/vagabond and I looked into it. Its terrible and I'm glad i haven't met those people.
Glad to be active again here on STP. I realize now how much I missed this community