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May 26, 2011
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Miami, FL
I keep reading these posts or threads, whatever they are..about all these great people moving around and around. I just want to get started already! I've had enough of Miami, and I'm more than ready to get the fuck out of here. I'd like to make my way out West somewhere for awhile. I just don't know where to start. Last year I tried living in the Midwest and found myself freezing my ass off in North Dakota by November. I don't want to repeat the same mistakes and end up back here, at my parents house, working a shitty job and never looking forward to the next day. WHERE DO I START? I need some inspiration. And maybe some people willing to get out of Florida. Help.


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Jul 15, 2009
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Acquire a sleeping bag, tarp, permanent marker. Then, go to a place that always has traveler kids hanging out and join up with or get advice from them. Get there by hitching, or if you can afford it, greyhound.

Did I understand your question correctly? It seems overly simple.


May 2, 2011
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your couch?
the north is nice in the warmer seasons, but as you said, it can suck pretty hard it the later months. i was thinking of heading to AZ in a few months. when are you hitting the road?


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Jan 2, 2009
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Darrington, WA
get a greyhound or rideshare out of florida...unless you want to get hassled by the cops in every county you hitch thru
Mar 2, 2011
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Boston MA
I think that if you want to pick a new city for yourself to live in you should think of what you want to do and what type of life you want to lead. I think alot about the weather and how it can effect peoples thinking and behavior. I am going to Honolulu from Boston to live because it is basically the warmest place around, and I hate the snow and cold weather, I like to swim and Honolulu is on beaches, I love to skateboard and its a warm climate with a nice concrete skatepark within the city, I like working as a bike messenger and the city has a number of courier companies for me to have employment at something I already know and live to do. I figured out what type of life I wanted and did some research and settled on this city. If your sick of your hometown of miami, but you think N.Dakota is too cold find a temperate place, also I recomend thinking of how the place looks you dont want to move accidentely to a real shitty place that you dont like whether its a slum, or its polluted or whatever but your stuck there, check out pictures of the place and see if it looks nice to you, Hawaii looked nice to me but maybe not to everyone. Also cost of living is something I've thought about and it is important if you want to settle down in a city idk where you want to settle, but I wouldnt move to a place thats more expensive then where I already live. As for how to get there I have no hitchhiking expirience but I like to bike and if where your going is less than 1000 miles it might be good to try to bike there, just a used 10 speed road bike, a huge backpack with sleeping bag lots of water and lots of food can get you 500 miles in 7 days easily, print out google maps if you want good maps/directions. Best of luck
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