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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Hey folks, for those of you that were unable to come out to this year's Dirty Scouts Jamboree, I'm writing this to briefly fill you in on what you missed and give folks a place to post their thoughts, pictures, and videos of the event. Due to time constraints, I'm compiling all the video I took along with videos that were taken by others into four short videos that you'll find posted below.

If you've never been to an StP Jamboree before, this year's event followed the same format as the first, which was basically little to no planning besides getting everyone to come out, have a party, and figure it out from there. This lack of planning actually worked really well for the first event, since all kinds of surprises happened that made for a really unique and wonderful time. This year's event was no different, with the exception that there were even more people, more booze, and folks really took it upon themselves to make cool things happen.

There were a few early arrivals, including myself and @DoctorApocalypse; we had both flown down from Seattle to San Diego, where we met up with several other StP'ers and had quite a full car driving out to Slab City. It was one of those drives where everyone was chatting and sharing stories with little need for music on the radio, so before we knew it we were already arriving in Slab City late that night with a crew of people that were getting to know each other pretty well. We got there after most folks in the library had gone to sleep, so we settled in and called it a night.

Thursday morning we started off with breakfast and making a big run to Wally World in Brawley, the next major town south of Slab City. Thanks to extremely generous donations from @creature and others, we walked out of there with a just plain stupid amount of alcohol and food for the event. That was just the beginning though, as we would make several other trips throughout the weekend.

Since we had a decent group of people that day, we couldn't resist and broke into the alcohol and did a little bit of pre-gaming. If you've never been to the Lizard Tree Library in Slab City, one of it's central features is a DIY bar in the middle that's perfect for these kinds of gatherings, so we naturally gravitated there and did enough drinking to be hurting a little in the morning.

Friday was the first official day of the event, and we spent the morning recovering from the night before and taking dips in the cochella canal, which was just a short five minute walk from the library. Despite the 'no trespassing' signs and the occasional finger-waving of the local police, it's a great place to cool off and adjust to the heat of the desert. Cornelius just happened to have a zip line device, so we decided to have a go at creating a zip line that we could use to dive into the canal (check out the video above!).

@sofarfromhome was instrumental in organizing Friday's main event, which was a talent show in the front parking lot of the library. The library residents had already built an elevated stage there that was perfect for this, so many people played music and a few others did spoken word and the like, and the overall energy was pretty high; folks were always yelling and cheering after each person took their turn.

Saturday was the movie night, where the main features were Hold Fast, Shelter: A Squatumentary, and Annoying. In between each film we had a series of funny or travel related short videos or music videos to act as an intermission between the featured presentations. Overall, I felt that Hold Fast (a boat punk documentary) went over the best, and really had people engaged with the idea of DIY sea travel. Shelter was probably the second favorite, and while Annoying was good, I think people's attention spans were waning towards the end of the night, so a third film might have been a little much for folks to handle.

I was also busy with things going on at the library, but some folks did go out to shoot some guns like we did last year, so here's an extremely short video clip I put together from the cell phone footage that was shared with me. If you saw last year's pictures of us shooting guns it was pretty much the same deal this year.

Sunday was a big question mark as to what to do that day, but fortunately enough people kept asking if we were still going to do a story telling event of some kind, so we decided that it was a good idea. Again I have to thank @sofarfromhome for rallying the troops and getting folks really into this part of the night. Story tellers were encouraged to take a shot from the bar before stepping up onto a soapbox set up in the middle of the library, with the only requirement being that the story had to be from one of their travels.

The video is about 80 minutes long, and the library was quite dark at that point, so you really couldn't see much; because of this I decided to remove the video entirely and have just the audio so it would be easier to upload. There's definitely some good stories there though, so put it on in the background while you're reading StP and be twice as entertained :p

I definitely want to thank everyone that came out, I believe we had about 30-40 people throughout the weekend. @EphemeralStick had the great idea to have a sign in page for folks in attendence, so I'm going to tag those people here so they get notified of this thread.

@Alex mercer
@Wesley Boem
@Cailin Gumimaci
@Archon Haz
@The Albino Buffalo
@Nathan Liles
@Free Jones
@Snorting Nitrons
@WanderLost Radical
@gba gossamer
@seeking existence
@Hillbilly Castro
@Cornelius Vango

I want to give a huge shout out to @Caveman118 and @Cornelius Vango for putting up with all of our drunken asses all weekend! If you have a chance to check out the library and slab city, you should absolutely stop by and say hi!

Further shout outs to @Nathan Liles for doing so much cooking, @seeking existence for printing out an awesome poster of this year's flyer, and @awkwardshelby for drawing it up in the first place :)

Also a big thanks to all the StP mods that went out of their way to be in attendance, it was really great to meet you all in person!

So finally, I'm encouraging folks to post their pictures and/or videos of the event in this thread! Help us show others what they missed out on and why they should come out next year!

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Cornelius Vango

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Sep 25, 2015
Slab City, Ca
Thank you all for coming and making this event so special. This is what we're all about! Thanks Matt for all the work you do on this site for so many people, and thanks to everyone who donated food/booze/smokes/gas/etc... Out of all the folks that I've hosted, you folks have been the most fun and courteous lot. Sorry if I came off like a dick to anyone. I had an awesome time with you!


Jul 15, 2014
Lake Shasta, United States
Fuck yeah dude! It couldn't have gone any better than it did, for me personally. I am definitely coming to the next one! Great footage! I gotta say that I am a little bummed out that footage of me at the talent show didn't make it on the video, and also footage of @WanderLost Radical breaking the beer can over his head. Was looking forward to seeing those :(


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Well, I was bummed I couldn't make it and now I'm just saddened looking at the footage. Looks like an epic time!

Next year.


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Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
I am still catching up from last week, medical procedure and freaking fugly busy job and I have not coordinated my pics but here is the official stp pic of the 4 mods, the matt and our awesome hosts cornelius vango and caveman. Thank you. More pics coming.

Hosts Cornelius and Caveman to your left, STP owner Matt raising glass in the back, next to him is STP Mod Molotov Mocktail,, in middle is STP Mod Ephemeralstick, in front is STP Mod DoctorApocolypse and then me Tude to the way right looking like I just walked out of teaching a 2nd grade class - school marm I am :) yay

It was a great time. :D @Cornelius Vango @Matt Derrick @EphemeralStick @DoctorApocalypse @MolotovMocktail


I have to say story telling was my favorite event - and it was what drew me to STP in the first place many years ago as I stumbled across some travel stories by members here. My favorite. <3
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Too many people to thank for this boss ass party but yeah it was sick so thanks everyone. @Cornelius Vango and @Caveman118 special thanks for not beating my ass when I was blacked out that morning. IM DRUNK! And your house is a magical maze of books hahaha. @Matt Derrick I missed this sign in thing but feel free to add me to the cool kids club.


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Nov 18, 2010
Seattle, WA
I still can't thank everyone enough for everything at the jambo, it was ultra awesome, epic, amazing, fan-fuckin-tastic, and overall I had a blast. This year I'm glad I had a chance to hang out with y'all fuckers for the entire jambo vs last year when I was only able to be there for like 40 hours, and even still I wish I coulda stayed longer this year. But there's always next year, and man, I totally can't wait :)

Thanks @Tude for posting that pic, cos the one I got didn't turn out nearly as well (but here it is anyway):


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Dec 15, 2013
silver city, new mexico
I got kind of close to making it, but I turned around in southwest Arizona on a whim to go to the grand canyon instead. 1300 miles on my motored bicycle was fun no matter the destinations. But i do hope to make it next year. But here is the reason I missed it:

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Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
I finally have some free time this weekend - I have some pics that I will post or do something with here so we can collaborate on a review. I sucked at the vids on my camera but got some real choice selections (especially "yer an asshole" lol) and I hope to see the one guy's vid on story telling. That was great. So this weekend more to come. :)

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