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Mar 5, 2017
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Between Syd and Byron, NSW
So, I moved a little ways north of Nelson, BC a couple of months ago. This area is too damn beautiful!
So many people are willing to pick up hitchhikers too (something I'm not used to, being from Queensland, Australia).

Here's a few photos from the past couple of weeks. Wandering my foot, my own car (when it runs) and thumb (even managed to get a ride across the lake on some dude's boat!).

If anyone else is around here get in touch!
I'm sticking around until I hit the road in November.

34479226_10155702579186483_8359873857040941056_n-jpg.44382_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Just outside of home base. Kootenay Lake, at Ainsworth.

35078591_10155709324451483_3029926610728910848_n-jpg.44383_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Back roads, Ainsworth

35052189_10155709324051483_5469538008464097280_n-jpg.44384_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Cedar Trail, Ainsworth

33141805_10155668817506483_4893675467795595264_n-jpg.44385_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Fletcher Falls, Kaslo

35972507_10155734246296483_7470216740824154112_n-jpg.44386_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Forest Shack, Kokanee Glacier

36750443_10155766294996483_8399130081464680448_n-jpg.44387_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Lakeside Park, Nelson

36682163_10155766295266483_3812566494982701056_n-jpg.44388_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Cliche. Wandering along the tracks. Nelson.

36226648_10155745771001483_7511144149907668992_n-jpg.44389_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Kootenay Lake, Ainsworth

36176234_10155738842171483_8486366072746803200_n-jpg.44390_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

And a shitty, drunk selfie with housemates ;)
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Just go to Barcelona and got lost on my way to my hostel. I walked into a corner store and asked for directions, and a guy who didn’t speak any English or know anything about me pointed to where i need to go and gave me a sticker that said “Everyone hates the police!”. I’m definitely in the right place😄!
Macon for a super hot minute. Who what when where?
Finished an initial draft of a floorplan for my new van:
A lot has happened since returning to California. Just two days after returning from the road, I grew the courage to leave my abusive SO and stop hiding her abuse. I returned to my hometown in the Bay Area; I’m now going to stay housed up here until next summer as I recover from trauma and save up for my next adventure. I’ve just gotten a job offer, and will be renting a room of my own here!
I learned a lot about myself and the world on the road, but I know vagabonding is the life for me!
I never did complete an update here, did I?
Well, I rubbertramped all across the country, back from Boston with a fellow moderator from R&V. We drove from there to Las Vegas over the course of a month! I saw 4 national parks, 30 states, and crossed over 6000+ miles. I came back to Los Angeles on June 15th, having achieved my goal of hitchhiking the entire country, and was on the road for over two months.
3 weeks of CDL training starting Monday. Im so excited. Living in semi is an upgrade from living in the van, especially since your getting paid for it! Hells yea!!!
A list of all the magic stores in the U.S. would be a sick feature on stp. Imagine you get off the train desperately in need of smokes and a slam, but you got ran off every corner... Dont worry stp knows exactly where you can get pall malls and some steelies with those foodies you picked up in the last town.
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I really need to find someone catching out around at joseph... I don't know if I can do this for the first time in my own...

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