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Mar 5, 2017
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Redcliffe, Qld
So, I moved a little ways north of Nelson, BC a couple of months ago. This area is too damn beautiful!
So many people are willing to pick up hitchhikers too (something I'm not used to, being from Queensland, Australia).

Here's a few photos from the past couple of weeks. Wandering my foot, my own car (when it runs) and thumb (even managed to get a ride across the lake on some dude's boat!).

If anyone else is around here get in touch!
I'm sticking around until I hit the road in November.

34479226_10155702579186483_8359873857040941056_n-jpg.44382_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Just outside of home base. Kootenay Lake, at Ainsworth.

35078591_10155709324451483_3029926610728910848_n-jpg.44383_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Back roads, Ainsworth

35052189_10155709324051483_5469538008464097280_n-jpg.44384_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Cedar Trail, Ainsworth

33141805_10155668817506483_4893675467795595264_n-jpg.44385_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Fletcher Falls, Kaslo

35972507_10155734246296483_7470216740824154112_n-jpg.44386_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Forest Shack, Kokanee Glacier

36750443_10155766294996483_8399130081464680448_n-jpg.44387_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Lakeside Park, Nelson

36682163_10155766295266483_3812566494982701056_n-jpg.44388_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Cliche. Wandering along the tracks. Nelson.

36226648_10155745771001483_7511144149907668992_n-jpg.44389_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

Kootenay Lake, Ainsworth

36176234_10155738842171483_8486366072746803200_n-jpg.44390_West Kootenay Wandering_Canada_Squat the Planet_3:23 AM

And a shitty, drunk selfie with housemates ;)

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Appreciating all the help from Wobblies in Olympia, this morning....
Rhubarb Dwyer wrote on Itchey's profile.
Welcome! Just passed through St Augustine... What a vagrant's paradise!!
There are two traveler schools of thought: grab the pack and go, and extensive preparatory research....You can guess which one I'm buried in, at the moment....
Kenneth Clark wrote on Lilly's profile.
Hey are you still in/around riverside ca?
Today in Bum Feed News...
- groundscored an unsmoked cigarette
- they gave out kombucha?!?!
- no one burst into song while we were eating
BirdDaddy wrote on RavenSmith's profile.
So I had a bunch of free Metrolink tickets, so yesterday first I took Coaster from San Diego to Oceanside, then used them to go all the way from Oceanside to Simi Valley (covering 150 miles in a day). I decided to stay with my SO again a couple of days as I came down pretty sick with cold and also need to buy some gear for the record breaking cold in CA. Soon enough I’ll head to Ventura and hitch from there!
Just over a month and a half until I plan to hit the road here in New Zealand. Figuring out what I need to store and what I need to sell. Anyone thats currently travelling got an Instagram? Looking to follow some fellow misfits in the mean time!
torn and conflicted in so many i cant see up anymore. The road calls, but knee is fucked and man, that shit dont seem sustainable for long. school sounds cool but debt is terrifying, housed up but no where feels like home. Drunk and freaked out on the east coast.

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