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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
Hey folks, I am creating this forum section as a way for myself and the staff of StP to be more transparent with the community about why certain people get banned from the website. The threads in this section will announce who has been banned, the reason for the ban, and an explanation of the situation.

We will not be bothering with explaining why spam bots and the like are being removed (for obvious reasons), only situations in which real people have been permanently barred from the website. If someone appeals a ban successfully, we will restore their account and let the community know by posting a reply to their ban announcement thread.

Only StP staff can create threads in this section, although anyone is free to comment on any thread. It is my hope that this will make things a little more clear when someone chooses to ignore the rules and we are forced to take action in order to preserve a space that is open to everyone. Of course, if you have questions, comments, etc, post them here or contact a staff member. Thanks!
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Dec 17, 2017
I've never personally encountered an online community with an appeal process in regards to bans and I think this is a great idea.


Jan 14, 2014
Slab City
Im glad youre doing this a few recent bans have rubbed me the wrong way and I think/hope this section will make things more understandable.
Which ones? Not to derail the thread - so please, everyone else keep your grievances out of here. This is not a 'debate bans' thread. But if you supply some names (and only names, not arguments; again, I don't want to instigate a flame war in here) I will collect the information and make ban threads for them, so everyone knows why they were banned.


Apr 6, 2013
I don't think it's that complicated... But seems most folks generally get fasttracked on the ban wagon cuz they have little self control and when criticized for breaking site rules tend to reply... often to Mat Mat with like a "#%#$" you you "#3$#)&" Suck my ")(#&R%)(" and Up Your "#()&$R#()" .... haha... don't bans me matt... love ya :p

So yea banned.

This is a good idea though... I'm all for transparency in the justice system meheheh.

It's the "Village of the Banned!" Good addition IMO.
BTW this is an awesome alternate title... a good counterpoint to Squatters of the Round table. (which I came up with btw lol :D)


Nowhere bound...
May 6, 2014
Brunswick, Georgia
I like to think of this forum/sub-forum as the Hall of Shame. But if the "Den of the Banned" sounds better, then I support your decision. You already got several banned members before this forum was created, but we already seen our first actual inductee!

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I deleted myself
I vote for a name change to village if the banned. I think its too sweet to pass up.

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