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Aug 28, 2018
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Springfield MO
So my brother just got a bus and we are looking for around for insurance, anyone got loads on cheap insurance
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Oct 22, 2017
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Based on GVWR it might have to be commercial ($$$) insurance. Depending on the state, when you get it converted you may be able to registered as an RV for cheaper rates.


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Nov 4, 2006
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Mostly in New Bedford, Mass when home.
Step 1. Convert so that bus can be titled as a motorhome. States vary but installing some/all of the following depending on your state.
Cooking appliance with onboard fuel source
Gas or electric fridge (many RVs have propane/ac refrigerators that run on propane when not hooked to shore power. ie while driving if without an adequate converter/generator)
Toilet with exterior evac
Heat/AC with power other than engine
Potable (drinkable) water supply. (some states allow for simple gravity fed systems that feed a faucet/basin from a 5 gallon bucket)
110v power supply
have adequate seatbelts Things You Need To Know About RV Seat Belt Laws - -

Step 2: Title as motorhome.
Step 3. Register/insure/inspect said RV/motorhome. (All motorhomes only require class D license with RV insurance even if vehicle is over GVW w Air Brakes despite what @mouse wrote above). You can even convert an extended frame tractor trailer with multiple rear axles/airbrakes & 13 speed+transmission to a motorhome and this still applies. Commercial insurance/CDL would only be required if carrying passengers as a bus or other commercial vehicle. By titling as a motorhome you formerly extricate the vehicle from any commercial to use exclusively for personal/recreational use.
Step 4: Drive off into the sunset

PS There are plenty of Skoolie websites that discuss anything & everything about this topic in depth. Much of that info is likely shared here on STP but this should get you started.
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