Photos Venice, slowly movin down the coast to greece.



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Dec 4, 2014
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no, i guess i could, if i found the right org.
Dec 23, 2014
Hei. When I was in Venice, I saw lot of squat signs on the walls, so I asked one guy who was busking, does he know anything... He told me that if you take some boat (forgot the number) and ride about half a hour, then in some nontourstic area should be one autonomous social center, or smth... Do you know anything about it? Or do you know any other cool places in Venice. I might end up there again this autumn, so I am wondering is there point to get away from center and explore around little as well, or just avoid this city, as last time I was not really impressed about it. Beautiful city, for a about a hour, but I got so tired of it so quick, from all these bridges and touristis and these streets what suddenly just end up with a fucking house, without any sign that it will end, so you just need to walk back to get to some bridge (again) to get to other side of a "street".

But it surely is beautiful.


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