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Dec 12, 2014
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So, this user seemed to go on massive tirade last night, responding to multiple threads like this one with some awesome insight and interesting points of view. Like talking down to trans people, and mocking others sexuality. Then straight up asking users if they 'fuxk dogs' while following up with a derogatory comment:

I am quad your sexuality. You are so sexual I do not see you as are only bugs to pester me.

No homo no sex... how may you think sexies are! I respect all choice of transgender. But I and still you are binary

Or maybe your identity is bull shit... if love does not exist. Then your sexuality is a mute point.

Damn it... Dm me on education if you think how there is more then two genders and how I do not love plants and animals the same!

We got a Trump supporter or a Democrat...! This butch attacking me. Ignorant of the quad love.

I took your gross of pansexual and you made pan. If quad is gross it id only because you are. Dog... do you really fuxk dogs?

Then he claimed to be something called 'Wolf', which I'm guessing is a whole new plane of existence with it's own language, that us mortals can not comprehend. Appearently they also only fuck SOME dogs:

Howl! I be wolf and I will not fuck you dog. I will eat you meat

Then the coup de grace, where they completely take a comment out of context and then proceed attack StP, and appearently let us know that there are hobos out there that pay them to kick us all in the balls:

If a question of vote is for my removal. You already kicked all your leaders out and kn

If a question of vote is for my removal. You already kicked all your leaders out and now the pawns run around acting like queens. Would not be wise of a community to kill elders further. Unless you just trying to... kill the wise?

Out of years traveled... most of them since 2009 I have only met those who have left due to attack by leadership because they were sad they knew less. I have never hopped. But I have met many at hops. A hand full has paid me to kick Matt in the balls if I can ever get him or the rest of STP to show up at an event. I keep showing up.and being the only one to show. Or at least no one will admit such affiliations with this site when I am on site.

This is definitely not the first time this user has gone on Wingnut-esque tirades, or posted off-color comments which they were warned for.

Dude just cant resist spamming the crap out of random posts with completely off topic, and sometimes offensive, posts.
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