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Apr 8, 2021
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hey there, i'm a dude based in the north east USA, (bum fuck central NY to be exact). every few months I do some traveling with a friend, we travel a few weeks at a time while living in his conversion van and it's always a hell of a time. needless to say i've spent a couple months of my life sleeping on the floor of a van or in a tent and i'm looking forward to many years of it. he's driven coast to coast before so i'm not as experienced as him but without him i'd have never adventured at all outside of the shit hole county i reside in

i fucking love traveling and it's the bane of my humanity, thank god for the road. while traveling my goal is urbex, photography, and graffiti. i also love biking on my off time.

once my situation changes (i have a very old senior dog so i can't take off for very long because he freaks out) i plan on bike touring / back packing but hopefully thats a ways from now. I love urbex meet ups and have met some great people from the interweb that turned into life long friendships irl. the internet is the shit.

also- I have a vehicle but i've failed my road tests multiple times or else i'd be traveling right now in short bursts.. once i pass that fucking test i'll be set. Looking forward to weekends in the ADKs. very much looking forward to rubber tramping solo - i love my friends but its something i need to experience solo lol

not sure what else to say, i'm not one for introductions, im sure theres other folk here that can appreciate a sick van, sick bandos, and sick graff.

im also on discord WAY too much so hopefully soon i'll be in the squat the planet server lol


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