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Feb 3, 2018
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hey everybody,
in pretty short term i'm leaving to hitchhike through europe starting with going from Belgium to Portugal
(to visit Boom festival yayy!!)
and i was wondering if any of you guys know some good spots in France, Spain or Portugal?
i know there is an unwriten rule of not sharing spots openly and/or on the internet so if you want you can always send them to me in a private message. they will be used with good manner.
thank you all in advance and have a nice day
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Apr 13, 2014
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Vancouver, Canada
In Porto there are some cool spots along the river. There was this one church that I had to scale along the cliff side to get into, as it was all bricked up from the front.

There are also a couple mansions that you can climb some walls to get into. In very bad shape but still quite cool, especially as they are fairly central.

Also, a sanitarium a fair bit outside but walkable or trammable.

IF you need a place to sleep in Porto I also know a fairly cozy train tunnel, again not so far outside the center.

I'll try and find these places on google maps if you're interested.
Apr 13, 2014
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Vancouver, Canada
Wow dude thank you so much, i'll send u a picture of the sanitarium if i find it
You can get a tram to relatively close by, then walk up the hill from there. It's really cool. There's like 2 or three churches in the complex, and on top of the main building some interesting graffiti with a good view of the area. Looks to be a really popular paintball spot, too.
Apr 13, 2014
Current Location
Vancouver, Canada
Pretty sure it was before it was all bricked up. When I snuck around back there was definite signs of being lived in. I guess it was where the priest lived, in a few rooms attached to the main building. Lots of old moldy clothes and mattresses. A nice spiral staircase up to where the bell used to be as well.

I was able to peer through a hole into the main building and it had quite a few inverted crosses and pentagrams spray painted on the walls :p

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