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May 6, 2014
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Brunswick, Georgia
Because together as a group, we can make the StP world a better place, one thread at a time...

I'm driving out from southern California to Denver, to Nashville (Franklin), then to Atlanta - and if you're around I'd at least try to get a selfie with you to post here and maybe resuscitate** this thread
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Jul 27, 2019
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Going to share some of the experiences that I had while traveling the states.

It started in June of 2015. I was on the WWOOF website which I don't recommend being on and for which I'm not on anymore because not a whole lot of good people on that site... Like everywhere else. Anyway, I contacted a intentional community called Vedrica Forest Gardens. I'm just going to say right now that this was a mistake to go that place. A complete fucking regret because it was a complete waste of my time and I got emotionally hurt by some of the worst people that you will ever meet in your life. It was located in Weippe, Idaho. I met a family who was hosting a "organic" farm there. They allowed me to come live with them and volunteer... I got there by flying. Again. This was a fucking mistake... My host is a terrible awful apathetic human... The thing about Vedrica is that it was a cult... Based on that bullshit "Ringing Cedars of Russia" crap. I was there for two months... From June to August 2015. I don't want to go into great detail of what happen there because it's just too painful and I never should have gone there in the first place anyway. I didn't even realize that it was a cult until later... My host was a woman and she emotionally fuck me up to hell and back... Lying to me and saying bad things that just didn't make any damn sense. Threatening me later and other bullshit. I saw her as a mother figure and I was sexually attracted to her along with another woman that was there. I was desperate at the time because I didn't want to come back to Florida and I have a lot of personal issues when it comes to my life growing up... It just wasn't a good mental state to be in and I never should have gone to Vedrica in the first place. My host had two kids with her partner and another kid that she adopted. It got to the point that things were falling apart and a lot of distress... They wanted me gone and other stuff. My host drop me off in Spokane, Washington so I can take a train to Eugene, Oregon because the other woman told me that it will be a "good" place for me to be at even though they were just condemning me to homelessness just so they can get rid of me.

So I went to Eugene, Oregon in August 2015. I was only there for a week... Homeless because of course. The only good thing that came out of it was unintentionally going to the Cougar Hot Springs... Everything else was shit. I just got out of there. Took Greyhound to go back to Idaho. Back to Weippe because I was desperate. That didn't work out... So I contacted another intentional community that was in Missouri in the Ozarks called Oran Mor Community. They allowed me to come. Took Greyhound again. I was only there for a week and few days because my mental state was killing me... I was very stressed and mentally overwhelmed over what happen in Idaho at Vedrica because at this time I wanted to go back to Vedrica and my host told me that I could go back if I did certain things first... This was so fucking stupid because of how desperate I was... I was at my breaking point. The first thing my host told me to do was to go to a vispassana meditation center to do a ten day course... That was another bullshit mistake that I made.... I don't even believe in meditation. It's just a placebo effect and nothing more. Bullshit. So I took Greyhound again to go to Kaufman, Texas because there was a vispassana center there... This was around August-September 2015... I was stuck in a hotel room for about nine fucking days until I could go to the center to do the ten day course. It was fucking awful. The meditation suck too. I left on the fifth day because it was just a cult that was trying to indoctrinate me. Fuck that... What a complete waste of my fucking time again. That's when I tried doing the second and last thing my host wanted me to do before she will "welcome" me back to Vedrica. To go and stay at Teaching Drum Outdoor School for a little bit in Three Lakes, Wisconsin because she has personal connections there. So I took Greyhound to go to Michigan and I hitchhike into Wisconsin. This was September 2015.

I was able to get into a week long canoe course that Teaching Drum was offering while still suffering from homelessness. It lasted for eight days from late September to early October 2015. Doing this canoe course actually was kinda decent. For the time anyway... It was a decent break. At this point my host from Vedrica went back on her "promise" to welcome me back to Vedrica. I was able to stay at Teaching Drum for nine months from September 2015 to June 2016 as a long term volunteer. Teaching Drum was also a mistake to go to in the long run and I regret going there... It's very similar to a cult of personality because the guy who founded it is a scam artist. An idiot and charlatan. Teaching Drum was bullshit. It was way too expensive to be there and it really is very similar to a cult of personality. The people there were not very good people and they were quite apathetic too... Things were not as bad for me at first but I was very quickly losing interest of being there only after 2-3 months of being there. Trouble began when my fucking host from Vedrica was going to move and live at Teaching Drum for a little bit because Vedrica didn't want her anymore... At this point I was having a backlash against her and Vedrica for what they did to me but Teaching Drum didn't listen to me... So my host came and all hell broke lose again. I tried fucking warning them... At this point I said fuck it. I loathe my host and Vedrica. Things were quickly falling apart once again. I left. Finally... By fucking Greyhound.

I went back to Oran Mor Community in Missouri. I was able to become a member there. More or less... Teaching Drum at this point didn't want me to come back because of my fucking host. Oh well... Waste of my fucking time again... Fuck Vedrica and fuck Teaching Drum. I was able to stay at Oran Mor for seven months from June 2016 to January 2017. I tried my very best to give it a chance and all that... It just wasn't for me... I felt no connection with the people there and they were doing and saying things that I don't agree with. The area was beautiful because of the Ozarks but that was it. It was in the bullshit bible belt. Anyway, I talk to the other people at Oran Mor and they thought it was best for me to take a break from Oran Mor and to travel for a little bit before deciding anything serious. So I went out west to try and visit other intentional communities if I could. I took Greyhound to go back to Eugene, Oregon to visit Alpha Farm that was in Deadwood, Oregon. That was a stupid ass place... I was there for a month and like a week or two in February into early March 2017. Absolutely no connection with anyone. No one gave a shit to talk and it was fucking lame. It was just another waste of my time. After that idiotic stay I went to a "organic" farm that was in Wolf Creek, Oregon. I don't remember the name of the place but I was only there for a week because my needs weren't being met there. That's when I was able to rent a room from a woman that I met in Eugene in March 2017. I was there for a little bit... That's when I went to yet another "organic" farm down in Redwood Valley, California. I very quickly left because I was done with the concept of "organic" farms. The hosts were awful people. I just decided to go back to Oran Mor back in Missouri.

So I went back by fucking Greyhound. I was so sick and done with Greyhound at this point. For this third and final stay at Oran Mor I was only there for a month and a few weeks from April to May 2017. It just got to the point that it was best for me to leave Oran Mor. I let it fall apart because I knew it was going to blow up in my face if I attempted to save it. Oh well... I went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in late May of 2017. Homeless once again... Very quickly left to go back up to Michigan in Rockford because my "father" said he will help me with what I was going through... That was yet another fucking mistake... My "father" is an awful human being... Completely terrible. I was with him for two months from June to July 2017 before he screwed me the fuck over. He put me into the Pivot Crisis Center in Grand Rapids because he didn't know how to help me. I was stuck there for a month... August 2017. It was fucking awful... After that they put me into a bullshit "foster home for adults". Early September 2017. I very quickly got the fuck out of there because fuck all of it. Went back to Arkansas. Was able to contact a old woman that I met when I was living at Oran Mor. She let me live with her in Gainesville, Missorui. I was with her from September to October 2017. At that point she couldn't really help me either and I had little to no choice but to go back to fucking Florida... And I've been here ever since...

So that was my two years of traveling... I did not went into great detail here for obvious reasons... But anyway I'm just trying to meet people and trying to figure something better for myself. Thanks for reading.

I just have to stand up in defense of Meditation. Done correctly Meditation has a lot of positive health effects backed up even by science. It is not a placebo. That being I said I have no idea what sort of hoodoo voodoo meditation class they wanted you to attend.

Meditation is however not a miracle cure. I dont even know about it leading to enlightenment. But done properly without agenda it will help you control your breathing and maybe even be calming,

Ommms release nitrous oxide from your nasal cavities and people dont breathe as much as they should. I think maybe there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere or maybe we are too sedintary these days.

But other than that Meditation is just another form of Positive visualization. But I dont have any experience in it from a religious or psychological standpoint.

For me its just a way to breath and visualize where i want my life to go. I was extremely skeptical until this awesome hippie chick turned lifelong friend gave me a yoga lesson and it was the greatest high i have ever achieved. Not spiritually just because it was one hell of a fricking workout with the breathing.

That being said I wish you nothing but joy in this world. You absolutely deserve it. Im new but I appreciated you telling your story.
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