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Seeking Ride Two kids, packs and one dog

Jan 16, 2017
Current Location
Des Moines, United States
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Departing from: Phoenix AZ
Destination: Anywhere along the I-40, northeast bound to NC
Date range: May whenever

About me:

It's me, my bf and dog. Usually we don't use rideshares, we just hitch hike, but my bf Devin was in a bad car accident some years ago, and lately traveling has been rough on his bad knee. We're more than happy to fly, spange and gas jug to pull our own weight. Neither of us are new to the road or traveling. No bugs or swillieness, just trying to get down the road. Our dog Shadow is great in cars and otherwise, and has never been in a dog fight, once she lays down you won't even know she's there. Any help would be much appreciated, our number is 469 853 7522

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