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Aug 16, 2009
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When visiting Tucson Arizona, and enjoying the wonderful views of Fourth ave, and all the splendors that the Tucson Police can offer, I suggest that you take a tour of the tunnels under the city. They can be accessed off of St. Mary's and the tracks, and go for miles under the city. There are connection all over but some of the tunnels run through washes so be careful comming out. Another tip is DO NOT do this in monsoon season, you will die.
When thinking about this edeavor I suggest that you bring a flashlight, extra batteries, and some common sense. If you find a nice place to take a nap try to be out of there by sun up, the police to scout through it, but will only be a tresspassing ticket if caught.
They look scary and are soo effin dark that you can not see your hand in front of your face, but are generally safe in the dry season. Comming and going, just use common sense and dont get seen. Noise carries for miles under there so even if your wasted drunk fighting chances are no one will know where exactly its comming from. Ohh and an addition, the police generally only scout through during the day, but they are sneaky about it so be careful and have fun.
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Feb 17, 2011
I have never encountered any cops in the tunnels, aside from the very well-used ones downtown. If you can find an entrance to a tunnel that looks less used - more plants, not fences in with signs, no trash, not in a public or highly visible area - you should be fine
Though they're occasionally a little wet, the smaller side tunnels can lead to some amazing art, large rooms great for sleeping and bigger tunnels.
They're easy to find with a flashlight, and there are lots of them. The ones that you have to crawl through aren't worth it, generally. Stick to the ones you can walk through - either straight or bent over.

NEVER EVER go in during the summer months. Flash floods are terrible in Tucson - I've seen it POUR ten minutes after I've looked at a clear blue sky.
The rest of the year you should be fine, as long as you don't see many clouds.

When at all possible if you're walking through a tunnel, find grates and things that let you look up at the sky. Check to see how the weather's doing.

Graffiti that uses arrows or says "this way" etc is almost always helpful, even if it's something stupid like "hell, this way"
It's always worth a try to follow it.


Feb 16, 2011
i've always wanted to check out drains and such, but there arent any huge ones(that i know of) around here :(


Dec 25, 2008
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outside omaha
there is a site about tunnel exploration i think it is called nopromiseofsafety.com it also has bridge and old building exploration too. kind of cool.

train in vain

Nov 15, 2009
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Out there
Ive done some pretty extensive exploring down there with a back pack full of rusto. One night me and 3 other dudes crawled out of a manhole at like 3 am and some dude happened to be walking by and just stared at us like..WHAT IN THE FUUUUUCKKK??? haha it was great. post-teenage mutant ninja hobos. heros with a half gallon WHISKEY POWER!
Do cops actually patrol through there though? That seems pretty questionable to me but im not from tucson so i dunno. I cant imagine cops just strollling through unless they were looking for someone

138843-r1-14-11_015-jpg.20671_Tunnels Under Tucson, Arizona_Urban Exploration_Squat the Planet_11:35 AM

138843-r1-13-12_014-jpg.20672_Tunnels Under Tucson, Arizona_Urban Exploration_Squat the Planet_11:35 AM

138843-r1-10-15_011-jpg.20673_Tunnels Under Tucson, Arizona_Urban Exploration_Squat the Planet_11:35 AM

A few from my first venture down there jan/08. I imagine all that shits still there.

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