Traveling since May, greenhorn for CO/KC/Chicago/Minneapolis/Seattle trainhopping buddy (1 Viewer)


May 9, 2018
Current Location
Washington, DC
I had an adult job, but in May I quit and I've been hitchhiking and freecamping and wwoofing and long-distance hiking since then. I need to spend some time riding trains before I settle down for the winter, and I'd be much more comfortable doing this with someone who's done it before!

So: is anyone traveling from
Grand Junction, CO -> Denver or KC, end of August
KC -> Chicago, after September 7
Chicago -> Minneapolis mid September
Minneapolis -> Seattle late September

I've read as much as I can- I feel like I know generally how not to get squished by a train and how to pick a car to ride, and I have no idea how I'm going to find out where a train is going. I don't get drunk or do drugs while traveling. I'm not "tough", I'm happy sleeping outside and being uncomfortable but I'm no good in a fight. I carry too much shit and take forever to set up/pack up my shit. I'm introverted but friendly- I can talk, or I can sit in silence for hours.

Worst case scenario I'll watch the trains in Grand Junction for a few days, and hop one if I'm feeling confident and see where it goes. And try to make friends IRL LOL
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