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Mar 22, 2017
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I think I can help. You don't need to weigh every screw board and piece you want to build your home out of. Having been modifying vehicles campers and RVs for a long time myself as well. I have just been introduced to the 21st century by a 3D design friend. There are actually several tiny home builder programs and 3D modeling programs that use real time available materials with proper dimensions and structural limitations. The perk is that it keeps track of the footage of material you use the types of screws and how many... this is a very useful tool modern builders are using to build these 4×4 Van's and campers while keeping them balanced fully loaded. They knew it would work because computer simulators work and are available for cheap. It gave me a reason to get a computer. (Still saving tho) see I build things for work and fun. I think what your explaining sounds fucking awesome and would love to help ease the struggle. I personally do not have any knowledge or experience with what I'm talking about but I do know it's how they do it. Time, like @roguetrader said. Planning time definitely has a lot more to do with the build than the build itself. A well designed fully built on paper (blueprint) structure and well planed strategy for the build progress itself and leave room for error. Plan so that it's nice out when your building the frame and main structure, and the inside whileit's not, it ,doesn't matter if its inclamat if your working inside... Also the preconceived notion that canvas only lasts a few years is definitely wrong. Especially if taken care of. I'm from Idaho and all over the place in any place I have been I see yurts. In the desert in the rainy bits and in the frozen ass mountains burried in snow. I had done quite a bit of research on yurts before I decided on a straw and cob earthship building instead. The yurts are mostly a oil treated canvas that's actually tough as nails. Most come standard with a 10 year guarentee on the canvas shell. They can be quilted with a lot of different materials for different environments and different insulation and breathability property's. I think it might be worth looking into see if maybe you could mimic or even purchase something like what they use. I have seen 25 year warrantys.

Anyway I think what your describing is bad ass and I say fuck yeah fuck yeah hell yeah fuck yeah! Do it! Personally I would like to build out an old 3,000 gallon water tanker as you would a covered wagon eusing part historic tech and 21st century sail boat conventions inside what would look like a beat up water tanker. Dreams! Keep yours alive bro!
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